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The education system is good but the athletics seems to be only geared toward boys sports, mainly football.
As a parent of a Hopewell student, I have been very satisfied with the education that my son has received , as well as all of the opportunities he has had to be involved in so many activities, ie band, musical, Student Government , Book Club to name a few! My sons' teachers over the years have shown a very strong commitment to all students as well as being able to develop individualized relationships with student that provide ongoing encouragement and support.
I feel like Hopewell did not offer very many advanced level courses. We had very few AP classes to choose from compared to other high schools I hear about. I felt like the lack of courses put me behind other students in experience when I got to college. However, I believe that the advanced courses the school did offer were taught by very good teachers and prepared the students well.
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One thing I want to change is how the guidance counselors are never really around to talk to and I have tried to talk to them about how some kids need to be checked on because of their health. I do believe that at this school I am getting a good education compared to the schools around our location. At Hopewell there is little to none diversity. I can count on my hand the number of mixed or black students, me being one. Some of the teachers due to neighboring school believe that we aren’t as smart and think we fall into the stereotypical personality. The greatest part about Hopewell to me is the english department teachers. I have loved being in every single one of their classes and each teacher gave me a new life lesson to hold onto. One teacher gave me the advice I needed to make me want to choose that I will go to college to become an English teacher.
Hopewell is a high school that lacks diversity and culture. The pay of the teachers is very little, meaning very little teachers want to work here. The technology is outdated and we still use Windows 7 on old PCs when other schools in the surrounding area have iPads for each student. At this school, common sense always seems to go out the window when it comes to the staff and administrative decisions. Hopewell has left me sour in my four years here. I can not wait to graduate.
I went there, my kids' dad went there, 2 out of 3 of my kids have graduated and the final one is a freshman. It has pros and cons but has been envolving, in what I believe, is a good direction for the future generations.
I like the teachers and the material we learn, but it’s not very diverse which isn’t really their fault. They do seem to try and include everyone though.
I liked all of the teachers. they were all nice and very helpful. only thing i would change is how low tech hopewell is.
Hopewell was very organized. They keep students active in P.E classes. The teachers do their job very well.
Hopewell is very focused on the art aspect of school. Those interested in sciences are often left in the dust.
It was good! All of the teachers were super nice and professional. I had an overall great experience here. The lunch was as typical as school lunches go, but hey, it's a high school.
Overall Hopewell is a great place but as with many great places there are downfalls. The kids are nice initially but they are teenagers so they tend to become annoying over time. Most of the teachers are great but there are a select few who can't do their job.
Hopewell school district is home to three elementary schools, a great middle school, and a giant high school. Their pool is awesome!
Hopewell school district is filled with many great role models and teachers. The sports are always competitive while maintaining high levels of sportsmanship. Teachers and coaches preach respect and are wonderful idols for students to be around. Many teachers develop strong relationships with ALL of their students instead of a select few.
I enjoy the clubs, sports and other activities offered at Hopewell. I wish, however, that more advanced placement courses could be offered for students.
Overall, Hopewell Area School District is a very good school. They offer various opportunities and help their students in any way possible. A lot of Advanced Placement classes are also available, which is very helpful in order to be prepared for college. The teachers are very helpful and are often available after school to help students one-on-one. The school offers many teams and clubs for students of all different interests to join.
My experience at Hopewell Area School District has been a very positive one. The teachers there are for sure one of the best aspects of the school. No matter what one needs help with or just someone to talk to, almost all of them are willing to be there and spend extra time with students. There is also a good amount of clubs and activities to join in which gives everyone a chance to do something they want to do or get to learn new things. Overall a great school and has a great staff.
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Hopewell Area School District has provided me with the proper preparation I need for college. The teachers are great and I feel greatly prepared to begin my life at college. I've learned lots through the many different teachers I've had throughout my high school career.
Hopewell is a small school district so you get to know everyone in your class. It's also big enough that you don't see the same people everyday for the entire day. Our faculty is very supportive of every sport or event that anyone attends. They keep us prepared for intruders or any safety hazard that may happen.
Hopewell is a great school filled with diverse students. The teaching staff is split into two parts. Most teachers care immensely about what they do, but others could care less and are extremely rude. The students are all close, and it feels like everyone is one big family. This school district has made my life wonderful. I have made so many friends and created memories that will last a lifetime. The education I have received is decent at worst. I feel like the classes have prepared me sufficiently to attend college. I wish the workload was a little lighter but it is not out of control. Their are many extra curricular activities for students of all interests to participate in.
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