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I have enjoyed my overall experience at Hope. I am a senior this year and have went to Hope my whole life. The staff at the school is great and you have to give them credit for what they deal with on a daily basis. The students are the problem. The student have to want to learn and want to be at school for us to achieve anything. This year we went from being an F school to a D school. We have been an F school for the last 9 years. We are making new and better changes every year. The staff at the school is a huge part of that role.The teachers like talking to us outside of school and getting to know us. Hope may have a bad reputation as a school, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the staff inside the school. The students have to be willing to make a change to better the school.
Overall, my time at Hope High has been amazing. Although, there are definitely things that could improve. I am in no way bashing the school, as I simply want it to grow and improve. Rules are not really enforced and (some) teachers really slack as far as trying to teach.
My experience at Hope High was actually great. They helped me strive to my best abilities. I've learned a lot of great things at Hope High. Only thing ill change is the lunch, I think we should have 3 lunches instead of 2.
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Hope School District has teachers who really care about the students. It's not always easy, having been labeled "an inner city school in a rural setting", but they put forth 250% everyday to make sure the students are taken care of and know they are loved.
Some of the teachers were pretty amazing and taught me a lot. However, the overall district, especially the high school, seems very unorganized. I would like to see more reasonable organization and leadership.
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