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Hoover City Schools is a great school district. They prepare their students for not only college but also careers.
It's best school and I want to study in this school.about my self my name is Abel and I am Ethiopian and undergraduate student.i have English proficiency IELTS.
This school is very misunderstood. In the past this school was filled with a lot of violence and drug abuse, it was so bad that the image still sticks to it this very day. Now however the school is design and focused on making sure that students will graduate and get themselves a successful future.
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I feel like my school system is rather safe, but it has a long way to go before it is absolutely perfect. I believe that students can feel isolated and there is not much to fix that.
Hoover City Schools is the public school system serving the city of Hoover, Alabama within the Birmingham, Alabama, metropolitan area. Seventeen schools comprise the 55 square-mile system: 10 elementary schools, three middle schools, one intermediate school and two high schools. This excellent school system offers dedicated, engaged teachers who care about what they do and the students they teach. The community is diverse, with lots of interesting people. The coursework was rigorous and prepared me well for college.
The school's teachers are very good about showing students how college and career life work. What I would change about the school would be a longer lunch break and a privilege to leave campus during this period. This would teach students more responsibility when they eventually get this privilege during the college and/or career period in their life.
Hoover has a ton of different career opertunities, clubs, and sport teams available for studrnys to join. On the other hand, most of the staff are only concerned on better grades, rather than the students futures.
Hoover City Schools are in- tune with the students and parents. The school system is organized and eager for their students to get the best education. The environment at Hoover City Schools is a environment conducive to learning. Hoover City Schools all have a SRO School Resource Officer who are all active duty policeman for the city of Hoover.
I liked the fact that the school was highly regimented - it gave me the feeling that they truly wanted to see me succeed. I did NOT like the fact that the administration - both on school and board level - did not care for the students individual well-being when it did not suit to their tastes.
I love the Hoover school district. I have been a part of it since 2nd grade. You have a great opportunity to succeed.
It is a great school system. They have good teachers and staff. They also have very interesting and diverse course options.
- Great schools with great teachers and great students
- IB program at Hoover High School helps tremendously with college readiness
- Zoning within the school district is somewhat complicated
I liked that it was a nice and caring environment. The students and staff seemed to get along very well. One thing I would change is the food. I know it's school food but they serve the exact same thing over and over and over again. Try changing it up.
I love that Hoover City Schools’s main focuses are the safety of the students, and the quality of learning.
I went to a private school in Hoover, Alabama and I had a great experience. The teachers really cares about you and the facilities was really up to date. I enjoyed my time there being a recent graduate; I hope other children in the future will have an even better experience.
Hoover High school is a very large school of over 3000 students. Hoover offers great academic opportunities for the diverse student populations in from the community and provides a strong foundation for student to further their educational opportunities.
I have been in the Hoover City School system my whole educational career. I think it is a wonderful program and I probably would not go back and change it if I could. The city of Hoover is getting bigger and bigger every year so with that come many new people and diverse cultures. Honestly, Hoover City Schools could be the best in the next few years in sports and academics.
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My experience with Hoover High School could not too no other. All of my teachers were kind and caring and always made sure each student was prepared. No only we're the teachers and environment was great but to top it off the sports team. Cheering on the bucs was one of my greatest memories in high school. Having such outstanding athletes and coaches made our school stand out from any other. Hoover was my second home and I would not in a million years wanted to go to a different school. Also, Hoover was so complex and knew how to keep everyone safe. We would practice fire drills, tornado drills and code red drills to make us prepared and more sufficient if the event really occurred. None the less I would like to thank our principal Mr. Hulin for being the best principal ever. Not only did he make me cry at graduation but made me feel happy that I had such a wonderful time at Hoover high school. Go bucs!
I love Hoover City Schools because it has given me a fantastic education. The only complaint I have is that they focus too much on sports and often neglect the arts.
I really enjoyed my time in this school system. I feel that Hoover City Schools thoroughly prepared me for my education after high school.
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