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Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District Reviews

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Everyones racist. Terrible bullying problem. The main priority of this school is to look good on the outside and to ignore the real issues going on in the school itself. They never take into account anyones feelings. Some teachers are okay most just dont care. They sweep things under the rug like its no big deal.
Very good The best school goes into 3 different counties. in the samer region and it is very amazing scchool always in top 10 for best school in N.Y State
Honeoye Falls Lima provides students with a quality education. Most teachers and students are likable and easy to get along with. Administration are also helpful. However, there is no diversity whatsoever at the school.
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The teachers are all very hepful and want you to suceed. They try to experiment with teaching methods in order to help you learn better and are often after school to help you if needed. I enjoy going to this school. If I could change something about this school district, I would make it a little more diverse and offer Latin as a language choice in high school. Overall, this is a great school district.
I have had an excellent experience at HF-L High School, with terrific course offerings and access to AP/Honors level courses. As a result, I feel totally prepared for college. In addition, I have loved the sports teams that I have participated in all four years, and extra-curricular activities.
I loved my teachers and how much they cared about my wellbeing as well as my quality of education. Academia was important, however student happiness was the number one priority. All students were welcomed into any club, class, meeting, committee, etc. with open arms.
The teachers are great and they prepare you for college. Administrators can be uptight and care about annoying things which should change.
Honeoye Falls Lima school district is fantastic. All the teachers and staff care about the students and try their best to help them succeed.
As an HFL High school student I've been involved in many clubs, sports, and community service activities. Although my school is ranked as a blue ribbon school, it is only based on academic performance. Not the quality of the administration. Although my school is considered wealthy in the area, I am one of the limited students that are of the lower class. Being such I am often looked down upon and look over for opportunities that many kids take for granted because their parents snapped their fingers. This school districts administrators are very biased towards the wealthy and only care about the checks they get from the PTA and the shout outs they get on the news. Not the future well being and future of the students. The teachers are of the highest ranks and lowest paid of the county and should in all honesty be better at running the school than the current administrators.
HF-L has a nice student population size of about 200 per class, a good community atmosphere, and an intelligent academic program. I always felt at home at this school district and had a pleasant experience all 12 years. The school's academic performance is among the top schools in the state and it is not hard to see why. The excellent music and arts programs are what kept me happy in this school. The art classes in the high school need more funding and emphasis, but the music programs are doing pretty well. Being a part of band, chorus, the fall plays, and the spring musicals really made my HF-L experience full.
Honeoye Falls-Lima High School, truly prepared me for college. With multiple AP courses and enthusiastic teachers, that were willing to help me in any way possible, made it easy to learn and thrive in my education.
Overall, this is a wonderful school district. Top notch academics prepare a motivated student for college. Caring teachers at all levels. Is it perfect? No. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to people looking to move into the district.
All of my teachers have been wonderful and very passionate about the subject they teach and are always willing to stay after if you need additional help. The technology in the classroom is gradually advancing, with a new bring your own device policy. Our sports teams ritually bring home sectional and state titles every year, cheered on by our student section, the Cougar Freight Train.
I liked the opportunities offered at Honeoye Falls Lima High School. There are so many opportunities for students to develop their academic skills and all of the faculty are so supporting in helping a student reach their maximum potential. Not only this, but everyone in the community is so involved in volunteer work and reaching out to others less fortunate than our school district. Every student excels to do their best and the work environment is very rewarding and advanced.
Great teachers most of who care. Administration likes to turn their head when things are not perfect.
A great place school for high achieving students. Does not cater to students without stellar academics.
Absolutely one of the most beautiful environments to attend high school. I did not appreciate Honeoye falls until I moved away and then moved back to the area. I also never realized that I had received an education far above and beyond what my peers in other school districts had received.
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