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I had an amazing high school experience here and am incredibly grateful for everything the school has done for me. Despite being very small and not offering a wide variety of courses, I felt very prepared for college as my teachers were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.
I love the people at Honeoye Central School District. The teachers are always there for you and go extra lengths for your growth in academics and as a person. I wish the tone of the school was more welcoming and encouraging, as many gets become discouraged about having to go to school at Honeoye.
Honeoye is a very small district, and it does surprisingly well in many areas despite its size -- music/arts, proportion of college credit courses offered, quality and commitment of teachers, resources for special need students. In a few areas, unfortunately, it suffers for its size --Teachers and TAs are underpaid, the building complex is in need of some much needed repairs, some equipment and furnishings definitely show their age, cafe food is terrible, resources for gifted students (in particular, elementary), not enough foreign language choices and started too late. We're in an aging community, so sometimes it's hard to garner support come school budget time.
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Honeoye Central is a close knit community where you have hands on access with teachers. My favorite part is the emphasis administrators make to support music and sports and attend activities very often. Although it has it's downfalls, being in a small town it can't afford a pool or crazy facilities but for what we have we have been given the best opportunities. I have spent all 13 years at Honeoye and can say I loved it overall.
Throughout my 12 years of attending Honeoye Central School, I have succeeded, failed, and grew as a person and student. I have spend most of my life in the small building I call my school. I have learned so much and I wouldn't change a thing. I have loved meeting new people, the places I have gone with the school, and the experience I have gone through. I am a three sport athlete, as well. I play soccer, basketball, and softball. I have been apart of numerous activities also. I have put myself out there and experienced many lessons.
It is a small school, which can be terrible at times, but my experiences with it have always been wonderful. The teachers are fantastic, and still have a sense of humor, making classes fun and making it easy to learn.
A small school with great access to college schools, however limited resources make the school lack in things like sports and arts. The school is very tiny I graduated with 58 students. Because of how small the school is the was not much diversity in the students or the staff.
Honeoye Central High School has been the best decision for my education. Previously I completed home instruction and was very advanced. Most schools wanted to dismiss my talents and place me with others of the same age. The staff at Honeoye understood that dispite my tender age of 13 I was ready for college and High school courses. Now I have completed my freshman year at Honeoye as well as 9 college credits. I am on track to graduate High school with a Regents Diploma and nearly 30 college credits! Best Small School in NY
Honeoye Central Middle/High School is a blessing. Though the town is small, this school thrives with an abundance of eager to learn students and even better teachers. The teachers here are more than willing to help the students grow academically as well as emotionally, physically, and mentally. Seeing as the school is fairly small, it allows the teachers to really get to know the students and work with them one on one.
The students are so kind and everyone is always smiling. The teachers are so involved with the students and the school just comes together to share memories and experiences with each other. The art talent is amazing and the diversity and accept for diversity is astonishing. I've been to many schools, and this is by far the best. The school pride is heart warming. #GoBullDogs
Honeoye doesn't offer much on the academic side; however, the personal connections out weigh the lack of academic rigor. Honeoye is such a small school that everyone knows everyone which creates a desirable learning environment. The population does set back the ability to offer a variety of courses, for example, only one AP is offered and several local community college course are also offered.
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