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I feel like Hondo ISD is a huge family. We may have very different backgrounds but we have so much in common too. Everyone knows everyone. We are a school of 600. I think most teachers are great, but at times a little too easy since there are those that have no desire to continue their education after graduating. It is home and although we aren't perfect, I love it here.
I liked the band and athletics program they have put together. One of the things I don't like is how strict with everything they are. We're in high school and I think we deserve more freedom
My experience at Hondo high school has been over all pretty good. One thing i would like to see a change in is the coaching staff. Also, the bullying situations that happen in the school and outside of school.
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Small town schools don’t always prepare you for college, but overall I’ve been pleased with my schools.
I've been going to Hondo ISD ever since the beginning of 7th grade, I am now an 11th grader. The students were very welcoming and diverse. As expected, the teachers were also too very welcoming. Of course there would be some bumps regarding the friendliness of the teachers, but other than that the teachers are amazing. The education plan isn't the best, but it does have most everything. I would just wish there was more than one foreign language to choose from.
Easy school that cares more about sports than academics. Does not provide students with the firm base in all fields. In particular, the math and history departments need a significant overhaul. Theater program and English departments however, are great and really care about the students bettering themselves. Low income school that needs grants though
I love the small town feel you get in Hondo ISD. Many of the people I went to school with will always feel like family. The teachers and administrators care about the students as people. I'm glad my family moved when I was young so I could create the relationships that I made while going to school here.
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