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I have loved growing up in Homewood! It gives me the small town feeling without spoon-fed my work. My classes are the perfect balance between challenge and ease.
Homewood City Schools is a great place for people to learn and make friendships that will last a lifetime. The mission statement is truly expressed in its efforts to empower each student to truly reach or maximized their unique potential. The students, teachers, faculty, staff, parents, custodians, administrators, coaches, and tutors are great
Homewood is one of the best schools that prepare you for college. They give you all the steps to be successful.
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Homewood is a great environment for those who enjoy to be surrounded by a heavily involved community. School academics are the highest priority here, while activities like band, sports, and charity funding events are always large, successful programs. Since we are a small area, many have voted for the schools to be enhanced in size, and eco-friendliness. (And in a very short time since then, they have-- and are currently renovating all schools since 2009.) If you want a kind, safe, rural community with local produce, events, and specialty locations for students, and Homewood people, this is the place for you.
I am currently a senior at Homewood High School and I have to say that I am beyond honored to be a soon graduate of such and outstanding school system. Each student is given the opportunity to reach and even exceed their full potential. I believe that Homewood is one of the best school systems in the state of Alabama.
I am a 7th grader currently at HMS. I have moved back and forth from many states including Nebraska and North Carolina. At HMS, almost everything is perfect. Except the one thing people are judging on most of the time. Students. Here, some students think it's a good idea to make other lives more miserable. And most of the time, they succeed. I should know, I get bullied all the time here. Especially 8th grade. I haven't even finished my 2nd 9 weeks of 7th grade and I really do not want to go to 8th grade at all and be classified as rude, disturbing, and defiant. I would have a much better time in middle school by going to Pizitz. So take your kid here if you want that is not my choice. But be prepared to have a lot of tears.
Homewood is a small city; however its school system is very diverse and friendly. It is a wonder school system to attended and have fun.
I love Homewood schools. The students are well educated. The schools are beautifully maintained and you can't beat the community!
I came into the Homewood school system in 2nd grade! I moved to a private school in the middle of 2nd grade and returned to Homewood city schools in 5th grade! The teachers are great, it was difficult being a young girl back and forth (as it is anywhere). Middle school was alright (those years aren't many people's shining moments) high school presented many challenges. I had many health issues that came up during my time at HHS. Once I applied and was granted the 504 plan my experience was much much better. There were still frustrating times but Amanda Esslinger was an absolute blessing and advocated on my behalf. The majority of the teachers and staff at Homewood are fantastic at their jobs and truly care about their students academic success and the special ones genuinely care about their students lives outside of school.
Diverse school district that embraces opportunity for all students to learn in a safe and supportive environment.
I love Homewood City School System. The faculty and staff are amazing! My children love their teachers as well.
The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing, I am guaranteed college preparedness for the next journey in life.
Homewood is such an incredible school system. I was so prepared for college and was able to earn an even higher GPA in college than I did in high school! One of my favorite things about Homewood is that it is so friendly and diverse!
I am blessed to say that I graduated from Homewood City Schools. Every time I have visited so far the principle has made a point to come talk to me and ask me how life is going for me. He also asks me if Homewood prepared me for my experience and genuinely wants to know if there are any ways to better prepare future students. Homewood's faculty cares for their students and will do everything they can to see them succeed. From making sure I was ready academically to exposing me to real life issues, Homewood did a wonderful job of helping and caring for me while also treating me like the adult I would have to be when I moved away to college.
I have taught in Homewood for ten years. I do not think there is another place like it in Alabama. The teachers truly care about the students, and the families help support them in the best ways they know how. The city provides financial and non-monetary support for its schools, and there is huge support from all parties involved. I wouldn't want to teach anywhere else.
I enjoyed the encouraging and hard working teachers as they try to insure their students' grades and their knowledge on the subject. The schools also hold great importance in the community, which makes learning the number one priority.
Great schools that lead as examples of how a school system should be run. Homewood City Schools are academically the best in the city of Birmingham and is sought after because of their stellar reputation. I am proud that me and my brother are in this schools system because we have been exposed to a different way of learning and a better atmosphere altogether. We were both, my brother and myself, in the Birmingham City Schools district and I was struggling. My mother made a huge sacrifice for us and moved from our house to Homewood and an apartment so that we could have the very best education that she felt the city had to offer.
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Wonderful High School with a diverse set of classes, teachers, and students. Very high tech campus with a good use of funding towards academics and technology.
The school is very clean and it has many programs that could help any student excell in any subject. The school provides programs that will help the student be more than prepared for college. They also have many different extracurricular activities for any type of personality to feel comfortable and confident , and will be able to fit in anywhere he or she pleases.
Strong academics. Great extracurricular offerings. Amazing band and show choir. Strong faculty and administration. Impressive in everything they do.
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