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Would like to see more students being engaged and wanting to learn. The students arent usually interested in a lot and majority of the teachers have different ways of teaching and it sometimes frustrates other students. There should be ways for all students to learn the best way they can and actually be interested in the topics they are learning. I have gone to Homer school all my life and I wouldnt want to go anywhere else. Overall, Homer is a great school and gives great opportunities
What I would like to see change is the way teachers favor certain students. Less time is spent on those that need the help, than time spend on making sure athletes get better grades.
Most teachers were fantastic. However, the school does not have a good system in place for dealing with reports of bullying.
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The food is awful, the teachers, and administration are too strict for no reason, and it barely has heating. Also, the stress over male sports is so much higher than the stress for female sports. The male generated sports are funded more, get better uniforms, coaches, etc. and the female side of any sport are under funded, and treated like kindergarteners. The new improvements, the gym and auditorium, are amazing, and the over feel as a student is pretty good.
Homer is a pretty safe average school district. The teachers genuinely care about their profession and the students are fairly happy while in school. The community is heavily invested in the school and the small town atomosphere adds to the school in so many ways.
this school has terrible baseball coaches . the athletic director does nothing about it if i could of went to a different school distric i would . DO NOT GO HERE .
I liked how accepting Homer Central School District is of those with mental illness. I also loved the teachers there. However, I feel like there could be better control of student behavior.
I enjoy that most of the teachers are there to help the students learn and are willing to work with the students when they need tge extra help. I also like that homer feels like a community, although it is a larger school everyone knows each other for the most part and will help each other out if needed
The teachers are all very supportive and helpful. They have a passion for the subjects they are teaching and make the classes fun and engaging. The Guidance Counselors are very helpful with choosing courses, signing up for exams and figuring out the college application process.
Homer Central Schools are safe and class sizes are small. Education is mediocre and high school conflicts are typical. Sent four children from K-12 through this school. It was the best choice for the area.
I really enjoyed Homer and its atmosphere. I met my best friends in Homer, and I will definitely miss it once I graduate.
I absolutely love Homer. We have fantastic teachers paired with a great learning environment. We are so fortunate to have all the opportunities and facilities we do.
Growing up here, I feel Homer High is a great school. It had a very friendly atmosphere and we always felt safe attending school there. The teachers and staff was great!!
My experience at Homer High school was good. I enjoy the teachers, community and the students. The environment I was in made it very easy for me to learn and excel in my work. At Homer High school everyone who is employed there works to help you excel in what you are doing and they also do everything they can to help make sure you understand the material. They also help to make sure that you pass. Things I would like to see change is maybe a little more diversity and joining of people instead of everyone being in separate groups maybe help make it easier for everyone to get along all together. I would also like to see some of the lunches change maybe ask some of the students what they really did not like and take it off the menu and put something they will enjoy.
Homer is a much wealthier society than where I went to middle school at Dryden NY. This added a whole new flavor to the school in my view which came out to be quite bitter. I find it a very closed off area. The primary issue is that everyone has been raised in this small community with the same views and values. Of course, there are exceptions but most of these people are shunned for their unpopular view. Instead of debate over issues, people mostly wish to take the easy route and agree with the majority instead of standing up for their own beliefs.
Homer is a quiet school district. There are lots of good teachers and the administration is competent. The high school offers plenty of Ap and Dual enrollment course, so it is possible to graduate with more than 30 college credits.
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