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Homer-Center School District Reviews

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It's not a terrible but its not the best. the teachers are great. The guidance counselors really help you out. The school has some problems with diversity and food but the food is not the best in any school really. The school is very safe all the doors are locked and either one of the people in the office have to let you in or you have to have a access card. we also have to security guard that roam the campus at all time
I liked the support for the sports teams from the Homer Center student body and faculty. I'd like to see a change in the academic’s department though. The math and english classes are exceptionally good at Homer Center, but the science and history classes could be improved on. Speaking as a former student, I saw a lot of issues being swept under the rug by the staff, so I'd like to see students who do something wrong be held accountable for their actions. Homer Center wasn't the worst school, but it wasn't the right school for me.
This is a very small school in rural Pa. very limited diversity, and limited backgrounds. Just beginning to address General school safety, with new addition of security guards. Athletics, single A school with good sports team...but very limited exposure. Teams are small and very limited as compared to some of the larger 3 and 4 a districts. Class sizes are small and there is a lot of personal attention. There are not a lot of the speciality classes and limited choices unless you are willing to do cyber classes through the district. Junior high/middle school and high schoolers are all in the same facility. Class sizes continue to drop with minimal growth.
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Good teacher to student ratio with plenty of opportunities and classes. The teachers take time to understand each student and get to know them.
I enjoy going to Homer Center. It is a very warm and comforting place to get a great education. Our motto here is, "Where everybody is a somebody."
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