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Holyoke Public Schools Reviews

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I currently attend Holyoke Community College it's an excellent school especially if you're looking for something that is flexible. I'm always able to find classes in person or online to fit around my work schedule. The professors are extremely patient and knowledgeable all around.
Holyoke public schools is a very safe and educated environment. which provides information of colleges, activities. they're very helpful on finding whats good for you and providing whats appropriate for your needs.
Completely A mixed bag. Some schools are decent. Others ruled by racism, classism and cliques. The high school being the worst. Even in their turn aroud.They are completely alienating an entire half of their school by siphoning recources to the underclassmen. Teachers are constantly complaining about the lack of support they get. Mostly for valid reason. But others due to their own wickedness.
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I am having a great experience at Holyoke Community College. Its amazing. Everyone is nice, respectful, and hardworking.
It could have been better because the teachers can be rude and not helpful at times in need. They need better food and more advanced technology and they need to share the wifi with the students so the students can work from their phone even though some teachers allow them to use their cellphones in class while do an online activity but it uses too much data.
I like the fact that Holyoke is rich with diversity. Also everyone kind of knows everyone and we’re all cordial.
Holyoke High school struggles to hold onto teachers and deals with some of the worst students in the state as far as character goes. 15-20 percent of students do succeed however so long as they commit to work.
The teachers are always there to help you no matter what. I have attended Holyoke public schools since I started pre-k. My elementary and middle school years where what I loved best about school. I attend Holyoke high school and it's been nothing but success.
Great teachers, that are always there to help their students. Many options for students to play sports or get involved in a club.
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