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Holtville Unified School District Reviews

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I like the strong involvement in the school and community, it provides a welcoming environment to all students and faculty. Something I’d change is the courses offered.
I live in a small town, so naturally my school is small as well. Quaint, charming, challenging, victorious, harmonious, academically well round group of diverse students.
HHS is a small school and good for its size. It has very limited AP and Honors courses and nothing on a higher level than those. They do the best with what they have, but college readiness is limited. The counselors are helpful but overworked. They didn't have enough classes available for me to take during two of my four years of attendance.
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My experience as a student of HUSD was overall great. I was mentored by some pretty great teachers that not only taught me the subject but also some hacks that will help me through later on life. I will be left with pretty great memories. Student involvement is key. The students that say their high school was boring or that they can't wait to graduate were probably those who never once made an effort to better their experience, they most likely never attended one single football game or decided to go sit between crazy soccer fans. I was able to make it these past three years by meeting new people , staying involved, and learning different methods that will later be incorporated into my college study methods. High school ,no matter what school, is what you make of it.
What I most enjoyed about attending Holtville High School was how all staff members helped any student no matter what grade level in any problems they had. Something I would like to see a change about Holtville High School is an extended lunch.
Holtville High School is a small school that holds about 5 hundred students. I wouldn't have it any other way. Since there isn't many students, everyone can be focused on individually. Holtville Unified School district has a progarm called "No Student Left Behind" , it helps teachers focus on students that are below average in a certain subject. One thing I would change about Holtville Unified School district is probably the school lunches .
I have been in this district since 7th grade. I really like how the teachers really care about the students. Never has there been conflicts with teachers or anything of that sort. They make you do your best academically and never fail you with great advice.
I find this school district to be great considering the population that the town of Holtville has. The district gives the students everything that it can provide with the amount of money it is given. I was taught in the district of Holtville since per-school and my experience was great. My only complaint was that there were a few teachers that the district hired that were not up to par. The teachers would not engage the students in the teachings but on the other side of the spectrum, there were teachers that were amazing and made you excited to go to class everyday. All in all the Holtville Unified School District is great, but there is not much diversity. The population of Holtville students mainly consists of whites and hispanics.
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