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Holt Public Schools is really good at helping the kids they believe are worthy of being helped. The only thing is if they dont feel like you’re worthy you essentially lose out.
I started going to Holt as a freshmen. It was a safe and great environment and had the best cookies. They can always improve the technology and modernize the food.
Would like to see the seniors incorporated with the rest of the high school body. 12th graders are currently in a separate building.
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I liked the diversity of the students. However, there are some teachers in the district that seem as if they would much rather be anywhere else than in the classroom with their students. I also feel as if the curriculum is not ideal for those trying to go to college.
Holt school district was a great place to learn. The teachers all cared and would help with everything they could. There's tons of activities and groups ran by students for everyone to be involved in. Holt cares about their students.
The teachers were very personable and it felt like a safe place to be although sometimes that was tested.
I had an overall great experience at Holt. I graduated last year, and my class seemed to get along quite nicely. However, what I would like to see change is the staff involvement. Teachers would more likely than not be complicated to work with when it came to setting up a time to meet up in-between classes. Thus, making it hard to get extra help if needed.
I like how everyone is treated equally and there is a lot of diversity but i would like to see some of the teaching techniques change.
At Holt High School the environment is pretty good for the most part along with being pretty diverse in the types of people. But at Holt some teachers are not the greatest at their job and make it too hard on students that do not get things very fast. Their coaching in athletics seems to be pretty average because they could do better but aren’t the worst but the overall experience at holt was pretty good.
This school is pretty nice. It's one of the better public schools in the area, and most of the teachers do outstanding work, especially the band teacher. They offer a variety of electives, as well as Advanced Placement and honors classes.
What I liked about Holt was the teachers where Really helpful and getting us ready for college. They would give us information and help us if we had any questions about college. And making sure we are ready to leave.
I liked the many extracurriculars that Holt offered and found it to be a school dedicated to its students.
I love the school’s spirit that a lot of students seem to have, and how we feel like one big family at times. And that extends to teachers as well, the connections that are created in the class tend to be very meaningful. The only thing I would change would how the staff tends to handle certain issues, because is as if you’d have to ask them the same questions over and over again to get a clear answer, and they should be more informed
I have lived in the Dimondale / Holt area all my life. I love me school,teachers,activities,sports, coaches and challenging curriculum. I love the variety of classes like Robotics, Destination Imagination, Sports Training and Microsoft photoshop. The teachers and counselors are always willing to help and when get to the senior campus you get your own building with your own cafeteria, and treated like an adult. I rate this school an A for academics, social events, staff involvement and a rocking senior campus which is helpful for transitioning into college.
Rachael McDaniels
Class of 2018
I had an excellent academic experience! Most of the teachers are really friendly and value their students educational goals.
I like the amount of independence that traveling Seniors get at Holt Public Schools. I think it is a really good way to prepare us for college. However, I do wish that some of the teachers cared more. Most of the teachers are absolutely amazing and go above and beyond to make sure students learn all of the material. Other teachers don't actually teach and just make us read out of a book. Overall though, Holt is a great school and I have enjoyed it.
When I was young I enjoyed Holt and going to school there. As I grew up they started making a lot of changes to the schools and I did not like them. They put the seniors in their own building and it was a free for all in the building and little learning happened.
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I felt safe at Holt, and I had a lot of instructors I liked. However, I didn't think there was enough support for the students. It did not seem like many of the teachers enjoyed working there, and I did not particularly enjoy being a student there either.
Holt was a great place when it came to social structure. The school system is very diverse, and is always expanding. However, it seemed that the faculty at the high school level, needed tending to. The teachers would rarely work with you on your weaknesses, and would scold you if you were incorrect.
I loved my experience at Holt. Not only was it unique too me as the lessons learned there will mold there rest of my life. But, Holt is everything that the real world represents. one of the most diverse places I have ever experienced anywhere in my life.
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