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Holmes County School District Reviews

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I love the school spirit during games at Holmes County School District and our Magnet program is amazing but what I do not like is the unorganized situations when it comes to senior events.
Holmes county is a safe school for a child to attend. The Teachers are excellent there, if I could do it all again I will...My youngest siblings attend school there as well and they are loving it!
The things that I like about Holmes County School District has a very outstanding high school football team. The test scores are improving by the year, which is a good thing. They have a very free environment. They sometimes have good WiFi. The school teaches students about society outside of school.
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It was a nice experience and if I could change anything about the school it would be the meal plan !
Holmes County Central High School is a great school that has various problems. These problems can be fixed if we all try to help with the bits and pieces that needs the fixation!
Holmes County Central High was originally Jacob Joshua McClain, but then we were merged with 2 other schools which was a great transition.
I would love to see more hands on learning from the students. Also I would like to see the staff interacting more with the students.
I liked that most of the teachers were willing to see the young people make a change in their life without acting crazy. The young people were willing to learn and get the work done. A couple of things could change including the students and also teachers.
The school is well established and well-rounded. Everything is highly oragnized despite the lack of resources.
Holmes County School District needs better modern day technology. There are no good resources to use at school.
I hate it. Closed door policy. Come to the school, you have to set a meeting. Call or use school appt, they may or may not reply. No after-school assist. No speech therapy assist. They pretend to care to your face but that's it. The non-caring spreads from the teachers to the school board. As a parent you can ask for help, but they will go all around the world to tell you how they can't help.
Overall, I had a very decent education experience there. The majority of the people are great individuals.
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