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Holmes county High School is a very small school located in Bonifay Florida. I like that the school is a very small school with the senior class being around 119 seniors. Most of every Senior participates in something at the school with extra circular activities.

I would say I would want the school to change the student parking lot. make it to were the future seniors can decorate there parking spot, as it would also raise some senior money fees for graduation supplies
The administration is very biased. Recognition is based on who someone is related to, not on their own accomplishments. Some people are at a disadvantage from birth just because they were not born into the right family.
Generally, teachers are not the greatest at teaching classes. Over 50% of the students do not pass their state-mandated tests.
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I really enjoy the environment I learn in at Holmes County High School. The teachers and very experienced and helpful. There are not many things I would change about the school. I've had a great learning experience over the last 4 years at Holmes County High School.
I have attended school in the Holmes County School District since Kindergarten. I am now a senior at Holmes County High. I have enjoyed every second of school in this district. The teachers are helpful and the learning experience is top notch.
Holmes County is a small community. I go to Bethlehem High which resides in the county and I have had a great experience so far. The teachers are great to help with any issues that you have academically or mentally. Students are always expected to be on their best behavior and always try their full potential. This high school is continuously complimented on its cleanliness and high average rate.
One thing I enjoyed about HCHS is the variety of academic classes and extracurricular clubs. I was able to dual-enroll and take free college classes at the school. If I could change one thing about HCHS it would be the school lunches.
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