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Holmen School District Reviews

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I loved Holmen School District. It is a smaller school less than 2000 staff and students. The facility does a wonderful job of involving students in school activities. They also are super awesome about providing safety and ensuring the schools are safe for all students and staff.
I really like the Holmen School District academic-wise, but I would say that the atmosphere is not always great.
I overall had/ am having a great experience in the Holmen School District. Viking Elementary was such a fun time period in my life. Holmen Middle School was also fun. Holmen High Schol is super fun although there is a lot of bias towards Varsity Athletes.
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Holmen High School is a great school. The teachers are excellent, and the academics are good. There are plenty of activities to get involved in, and there is a lot of events to go to.
Overall, it was an okay school experience. I wished there was more interactions with the staff and students. I wished I would have gotten to know more teachers. I wished more opportunities were offered at Holmen High. I also wish there is more equality for sports when deciding where to spend the budgets.
I graduated from Holmen High School back in 2016. The teachers and facility are very attentive to the students needs and they do everything they can to make sure students are college ready.
Good district. There are opportunities for all students, but some staff could use improvement. The high school is also too small.
My experience at Holmen so far has been a thrill ride in so many ways. To start off, Holmen has provided me with so many music and athletic opportunities like marching band, concert band, choir, show choir, golf, and shot put and discus in track and field. Holmen also has the most amazing staff a faculty team here whether it is a big school event or an assembly, the staff and faculty are always willing to help in one way or another and they take pride in helping their students, like myself, to understand content and provide them with the needed information the students need to success.
My school for the most part I think is an amazing school. We are safe everyday. We all get fed. Nothing is falling apart. I'd like to see more classrooms, our school is just too small for the amount of people we have in our school. And some of the teachers seem not to care.
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