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Holmdel Township School District Reviews

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Holmdel was a very enjoyable experience and it made me a well rounded individual. The rigor of the classes was challenging and I believed that it prepared me well for college. I would go back to Holmdel if I could do it over again.
Everyones' parents moved to Holmdel for one main reason, the education! And while by the numbers, Holmdel Township School District is near the top, my experience there was mixed. I like to consider myself a pretty smart kid, yet the sheer level of competition is unbelievable, so much so that you are underwhelmed with your own performance if it isn't at the very top. This culture of perfection shared by most yields a little hostility. The teachers, too, across my experience also were never anything special. It seems as though many kids have a teacher at least once that inspires them in a great way, yet that never happened to me in 12 years. All in all, I benefitted greatly from Holmdel School district, but certainly be wary of the environment you want to bring your child to.
For the most part, I have had very good experiences in this school district. Over the years I have had many fantastic teachers who have made me love learning even more. However, the lack of diversity and school spirit/cohesion is somewhat off putting to me.
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Holmdel has many clubs and sports along with many course opportunities and is a good atmosphere but there are too many parents involved. Holmdel High School also doesn't provide as many oppurtunities with internships as they don't have many connections compared to vocational schools.
prepared me very well for the future onto college. teachers and staff want to be there and to see you succeed.
What I like about Holmdel is the sense that you can walk around your neighborhood, enjoy the local restaurants or stores, and feel like you are a part of the neighborhood. Everywhere in Holmdel is nice and quiet which helps with work and children who are playing. What I would like to see changed are more parks and family fun areas.
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