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Not a fantastic school, but they give students the chance to succeed and be prepared for college if they want to.
During my time there as a high school senior, I was fortunate enough to build friendly relationships with my teachers who inspired me to want to continue my education as an incoming college freshman. If it wasn't for that school who had helped me grow and learn so much, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know where I would be in life.
The Holly Area School District strives for excellence despite being relatively under-funded. Many of the teachers are passionate, the sports programs hardworking, and the classes challenging. However, student to teacher ratios are often very large, translating into poor support for the students that need it most. Resources (like textbooks) are often outdated, depending on the class. AP classes are offered, but a few of the most popular ones (across the country) are taught online, rather than in-classroom.
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Overall I had a good experience at this High School it did a pretty good job of prepping me for college. The teachers are usually fantastic and everyone is vary nice. Not a lot of bullying in the school at all. It was a creative and healthy place to go through High school, and overall I would recommended it.
Holly high school is a great place to learn and develop social skills that will be beneficial in life after High school and college.
I love Holly so much. The teachers are so supportive, the working environment is exactly what students need for success, and there are endless friendships made at Holly
There are many resources that help students. Especially through the high school, they make time for each student to make sure they're on the right path.
Former student. School system provides students with potential if they choose to take charge. Great and memorable teachers who love what they do.
Councilors were really never available . Teachers were great and very informative. For the most part everyone was pretty helpfully and very friendly.
Holly Area Schools provide a well rounded education for its students. The true heart of the Holly Area School District is its teaching staff. The teachers at Holly truly care for there students and always give the the best opportunity to succeed. Holly offers many after school programs and has continually excelled in its sports department. The facilities are well maintained, if the school is not new than it has been recently been renovated to offer the best learning environments for its children.
Counselors need to be able to offer more than just a computer test to help students to figure out their field of study and major for college.
The one thing I like about Holly Schools is the teachers. They are all so supportive and concerned with your success. I've built many personal and strong relationships that have helped me succeed in school and in life. The academics are challenging, but the teachers will also do everything to help you succeed while challenging you as well. The students of Holly though, are the reason I did not rate it higher. I've had too many friends who have been bullied, even myself, and there was little to no action taken against it. While there is said to be a zero tolerance policy, it is not always enforced, which is highly disappointing. The reason I've connected so much with my teachers is because they are the reason that I can get through most days in the building without feeling threatened or judged.
Good percentage of amazing teachers. Not enough opportunities for advanced/ bright students- only online. Would like more teacher taught advanced classes.
I attended Holly Area Schools K-12. I feel as though I received a well-rounded education and graduated high school well prepared for college. I greatly enjoyed the learning environment as well as all of the teachers i encountered throughout my schooling.
What I liked about Holly high school were the teachers. All of the teachers care about you, and what your plans are after high school. They want to make sure that you are setup for success in their class and in your life. What I didn't like about Holly high school was how the counselors set us up for college. Throughout my college applications, and other things I had to do for college I was very confused on what I had to do, and what I didn't have to do for college.
Well-rounded school with many options, but nothing very challenging, and most options in the form of online electives.
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