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Holliston public schools are absolutely disgusting. There are broken windows covered with cardboard and duck tape, there a bugs crawling all over the floors, and nothing in the school has been updated for years. Sometimes there isn’t even water in the vending machines to buy. The school needs to be redone. On top of that, the school is not safe at all I do not feel safe in the school anyone could get in at anytime through the buzzer system because the people in the office don’t look at who is coming in the school.
It's a great school in a small town. There isn't a lot of diversity. The music department is great! There are a lot of great clubs and activity options and lots of opportunities to excel and learn. A lot of AP classes available.
This school is absolutely terrible. The administration has no control over their students. I was a former student and had to leave due to the insane bullying problem. We brought the attention to the administration and the school police officer however nothing was done. There have been cases of drugs being found on property but the biggest punishment that has been given was being suspended for a few days. Kids not only have been found with drugs on campus but also found using said drugs on school property. There recently was a new bullying incident that has caught my attention where there was physical abuse so much so that the student must be escorted to class however the bully is still enrolled. Terrible school full of fake people and poor lifestyles . please do not send your child here
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I attended all twelve years of my education in the Holliston school system. The school system is designed to help all. There is a wonderful special education department. I was fortunate enough to be apart of the Independent Education Plan program, and received support daily from teachers. I never felt uncomfortable all twelve years asking questions. No matter what, all students were highly respected.
Excellent academics and opportunities to expand your learning through large range of classes. Sports are very highly looked upon and school makes sure student athletes keep their grades up in order to take part in sport so their academics will not suffer. Lots of clubs and activities to join for all kinds of students, all very welcoming and make the high school experience a memorable one.
The school district has always been supportive of my endeavors as a student and I've seen that they do a good job supporting others. Classes are not all that challenging and there is a limited amount of variety in class choice due to a small student body.
absolutely no diversity at all. sports get no attention unless it's football. too much focus on getting into college, but doesn't help the kids who don't go to college straight out of high school.
I love Holliston, and always will. The schools transition nicely from one to the other and your relationships with teachers lasts a while.
Very White community, High School administration is very dull and very distant from students they feel like dictators. Teachers are mostly very Nice people.
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