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Hollister R-V School District Reviews

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Hollister R-V School District is a great school. The athletics and coaches are very good. They have a great administration that will help you and make sure that you are prepared for the future.
I generally like Hollister. However I feel like they don’t get you ready for college. They have standard based grading and aren’t hard enough on students. But they care and try to help.
Hollister school district is a very safe place, there is very little bullying and if there is ever any problems you can go to almost any admin or teacher. I have gone to this school since 2nd grade and have had very little problems and have made great friends. Not to mention their band program, they have the best teachers and staff and I am very proud to be getting my education here.
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Hollister was a very good experience for me. I went there for all 12 years of school and look back on it with find memories. The teachers were like second mom's and dad's and cared for each student like their own. It was a great school to grow up with.
I think that the teachers have a good amount of care for the students, it is a pretty safe school when it comes to bullying and physical fights, and the content taught in the class is relevant. There is a "pride time" study hall like time which is supposed to be time for you to catch up on the work, but they keep changing up the system every few months so its really just a waste of time in the middle of the day.
My son has done well in the Hollister school district. He has been in Hollister since head/start, has had understanding faculty who had pushed him to expand beyond his comfort zone and reach for the stars.
Hollister is a good school but in my on opinion they dont prepare you enough for college. They have some really good teachers at the school but then there is some of them that shouldnt be teaching in the first place.
I was at Hollister for 13 years which means I was a 13 year senior. What I loved Hollister was that it wasn't a very big school which meant I could get to know my teachers easily and have one-on-one time with them. Hollister had some of the best teachers. Do you ever have one teacher who is constantly checking up on you, wanting to see you succeed, and cares for your well-being? Yeah, I had 3. It was amazing. The only thing I wish would change is student involvement, especially at the high school level. I was in student council and cabinet since middle school and seeing students not want to get involved because "it's lame" was heartbreaking. It has gotten better over the years but I do wish to see 100% student involvement in the future.
Teachers really care and are open to creating lasting friendships with their students. However, there are some communication issues between the administration and staff as well as students. I'm sure many schools have this issue.
My community college is within the Hollister school district. I did not attend of the local high schools in this area.
Hollister is a really wonderful school with plenty of opportunities. They've recently expanded many of their programs to give students the tools to really explore different fields and occupations. Hollister is very small which encourages a friendly attitude towards everyone. There are no cliques, and most everyone gets along. The only downsides to Hollister are the lack of diversity due to the area, and I feel that they don't put enough focus on the finer arts.
I enjoy being a student at Hollister. We have outstanding leadership that is very tentative to the needs of the student body. Our school strives to keep us equipped with the newest technology. We have strong support from our community. Our school offers various extra curricular activities. From our growing football program to our award winning show choir, from construction to drama, our school has all that you would find in larger districts. There is a banner at the entrance of our school that reads "Our House." We are like one big family. Our hallways are lined with pictures of students who display outstanding character. Banners are displayed of our athletes who are all striving for greatness. We lift up those in need, we cry with those who are mourning and we celebrate each others victories. We stand up for each other and we proudly wear our school colors. We are Tigers through and through. We invite you to "Our House!"
Hollister was where I went to school from 3rd grade on. I had an alright time there, though there were issues. Which are expected.
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