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Hollis/Brookline Cooperative School District Reviews

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The school district tries to fix minor problems or problems that don't exist when there are bigger issues with the school involving safety or our ranking. Hollis Brookline High School wants to add a multi-million dollar STEM lab when we don't have enough classrooms, have too students in each lunch (such that administration breaks its own rules in order to follow fire code), and have unsafe humidity levels inside in the spring and fall.
I like the devotion to learning at HB, but I would like to see change in the student services provided. There is so much pressure to do well, and so many of us do- but that pressure can manifest itself in very unhealthy ways.
Hollis Brookline HS is a cooperative school including both the town of Hollis and the town of Brookline. It has given me the opportunity to get to know all sorts of kids from all backgrounds in both towns. If I could change anything it would be their athletic program, which I believe is underfunded. Having said that, I spent 4 years playing football and that experience was invaluable to my success now and in the future
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The academics are great and I am 100% ready for college, everyone for the most part is very nice. The only problem seems to be drugs, especially since there's not much to do around the area so it's common. Bullying obviously happens, as everywhere, but it's not a huge problem which is awesome! Sports are okay, volleyball and basketball are the best ones to go to and watch. There's plenty of clubs and activities to participate in.
Hollis Brookline has the potential. It is a great school for very smart or very athletic kids. Needs more art and music options with more understanding and supportive programs for kids with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities/ problems
Hollis Brookline is a wonderful district with many advantages for students who go there. Many of the tools taught are used to help further education and provide a look into majors and minors. It's a great school with many teachers who are more than happy to help if you are stuck.
Hollis Brookline is a great school for college prep and learning. The teachers are pretty knowledgable on the subjects they teach and for the most part fair. There are many clubs for students to get involved in. However the community of the school is lacking. Sports games lack spectators and fans from the students.
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