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Hollidaysburg Area School District Reviews

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The Hollidaysburg Area School district overall is a great school, however, some of the administration and school planning is terrible. Most of the teachers are great though and are willing to work with students. Scheduling and time management is not a strong suit for extracurricular activities. The school does offer a variety of classes but could definitely use more information technology classes. Overall it has been fun attending the school, but they still have a lot of work to do.
teachers and classes are a hit or miss. most teachers are very funny and great at their job. school spirit is a huge part of this school.
The curriculum is challenging, and the teachers do theo best to see you succeed. I participate in 5 extra curricular activities with lots of diversity.
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This school provided a great education and provided me the necessary skills to prepare me for secondary education.
Hollidaysburg is a great school. It has excellent academics and sports teams. Many of them are champions for their district. It is a very competitive grade wise and so far it seems to prepare you very well for college.
Hollidaysburg is a family oriented environment where I wish more resources would be spent towards gifted education. Children are taken out of their “regular” classes to another room for advanced work and this is not the way it should be. They should have their own teachers and peers exactly as it used to be. All data shows that when students are not with peers of the same intellectual level they learn to go at a lower pace and essentially everything else as those peers. This is not pooular not PC, but it is very I important!!
Hollidaysburg is a very good school district and I wouldn't have had my kids go anywhere else. That being said, there is a huge amount of favoritism shown in both academics and sports. I have seen kids that love a subject or a sport be so beaten down by a teacher or coach for lack of help or interest from them that they hate the subject or sport by the end of the year. Punishments are never across the board, the more your parents volunteer or donate money the less likely that student is to ever get in trouble for anything or have the punishment enforced.
The Hollidaysburg area senior high school is an excellent size so that students get 1 on 1 attention and truly connect with their teachers. The district offers excellent programs in the arts, as well as STEM programs, and competitive sports teams. My experience in Hollidaysburg was one I wouldn’t soon trade.
My experience at Hollidaysburg Senior High has been a roller coaster. Even though I keep to myself I have been quick to judge our sports and how it runs. I think I’m very observant and see that If you don’t have a known “name” you really aren’t much of anything. I suppose it’s because of the small town setting. The teachers at least this year have been great. My English teacher especially has been preparing us or college. My previous teachers and I haven’t gotten along but I managed. Hollidaysburg is a good school, but there are downfalls just like everything else.
I like that the Hollidaysburg Area School District has always made me feel special when it comes to academics. Many of the teachers have made me feel like I matter and that I am excelling in their classes. One thing that the school district could do better at is being more accommodating to their students and having the administration (not the teachers) actually learn about who you are or even learn your name.
Overall my experience was great, but looking back at the school and everything that happened some situations could have been handled better.
I personally love my school and faculty. I think Hollidaysburg is a great town that recieves excellent involvement from students, teachers, and members of the community. Every teacher is willing to help students meet their acedemic needs and see them 1 on 1. I feel safe not only with all the security measures but also the school is filled with good people that respect one another. My school has given me so opportunities that it is unbelievable. We have many different clubs, activities, and sports that students are able to participate. Some people wish to move far away but I love my school community so much that I will be sad to leave.
Overall, my education thus far at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School has been fantastic. The teachers in the district are incredibly caring for the well-being of their students. I have not had a teacher who I have disliked. My guidance counselor, David Herncane, has been very helpful by answering any college application or career questions I may have. The school has also provided me with many opportunities in sport, clubs, and theater. The administration ensures that all students can find some activity they enjoy. The administration is concerned for the safety of students in which it provides a resource officer and multiple assemblies to educate students of the dangers of drinking and driving, bullying, and sexting. Hollidaysburg School District has aided me tremendously in preparing for my future.
The Hollidaysburg Area School District has significantly improved since I was younger. They really make an effort to put the students first and prepare them for the next step in their lives whether it be to attend college or pursue something else after High School. The teachers truly care about the students and many students realize that so they give their best effort. When I was younger, I wasn’t fond of the school district but they have made many changes to appeal to the students so they have a better learning environment. The school district challenges students to be the best they can be and has strict policies but that builds character for the students. As I finish my High School career at Hollidaysburg, I am proud to say I am a tiger and feel like my school has prepared me for college and the rest of my future.
We moved to this area last year and the school system was amazing, not only did they make the enrollment easy, they helped get my daughter caught up on what she was behind on from the change of schools. Couldn't ask for a better teacher and staff.
Hollidaysburg places a high value on the students' education. They are supportive of not only the athletics department but also the numerous arts programs.
While I was very happy with my educational experience, there is a lot of politics involved that highly impacts most of the students. These politics not only majorly affects the athletics, but also classroom placement. While the special education program is one of the best in the area, it is lacking some key components as well.
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My overall experience at the Hollidaysburg Area School District was excellent. They offer many foreign languages to diverse students on other cultures. They are extremely supportive of students participating in sports and in the arts. They have an outstanding music program with many willing students to help out others. Most of the staff is very helpful and wants to help students with their education. The facility is great.
It was different I was new to the school but it was a very nice school if anyone is new to the school it won't be long until they have many new friends
I throughly enjoyed my time at Hollidaysburg. I found the teachers to be kind, smart and to genuinely care about my education.
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