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Holliday Independent School District Reviews

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My experience at Holliday has been wonderful! They helped m elearn how to read better and excel at math. Holliday Independent School District is n amazing place to send your child/go
Holliday ISD is known in the surrounding areas for its outstanding students and their performance. The school district is overall excellent and a great place to give kids an education. The teachers are wonderful, and they do their best to assure students reach their full potential.
The small school feel also lends to smaller class sizes and more individualized help. Everyone knows everyone, and the students and faculty are quick to pull anyone into the school’s folds.
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There is a so called no bullying policy but everyone turns a blind eye to students being called racial slurs. Not to mention the school is extremely homophobic. Students will call other students fags or make fun of them if they are not straight.
The high school band is the most flexible extracurricular activity as the directors understand how involved most of the students. The coaches are not flexible and expect the students to put priority for athletics over band. The band's success during both marching and concert season proves that the coaches need to learn the importance of band at Holliday ISD. I personally believe that the band and UIL academics are two of the best activities to become involved with—especially because we consistently achieve success every year. Overall, I believe Holliday is respectable school to attend and graduate from.
I like the fact that we are closed net school. The teachers are very supportive of our dreams and decision in life. I would like to see more kids involved with the school and be kind and respectful towards the teachers.
Holliday Independent School District is an excellent educational system. The facilities, activities, and opportunities are adequate for the classification of school. But the teachers and staff are highly qualified and capable of teaching. They truly care for the development of each student. The teachers recognize potential and evoke the best from every student.
I am a current student of Holliday High School. As an incoming Sophmore, I have enjoyed my freshman year and cannot wait for the next school year to begin; I know that's hard to believe, but this school provides a fun, safe, and interactive environment for everyone.
I am a senor a Holliday High School and haate every day of it. The people there are complete and total jerks (trying not to cuss). The some teachers there are OK the others are compete crap. I had to go to the principle and consular to get help with one teacher which I can not get a different teacher. I have been to the office 3 times in the last 4 days and I am already thinking that I will have to go back tomorrow. I have been to the office many times this year to fix this problem and I still have not seen anything close that looks like it will be the end. If you are thinking about sending your child there, DON'T!
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