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Holley Central School District Reviews

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Holley Central Schools are a very friendly and supportive place for all kinds of people. The teachers make the school great. Holley has a great weight room facility and decent playing fields for football, soccer, baseball, etc.
I've lived in Holley Since the start of my 10th grade year, I've loved it here, and it's been an incredible journey for me and my friends and Family.

The teachers here are amazing and really help you out whenever you need it. This is a small school with class sizes that usually range from 40-80 and the classes you have on your schedule usually have a good amount of students in them (about 10-30 based on what class and period they are in). The food here isn't bad, but not amazing as the school doesn't pull in the most revenue out there, however it doesn't change the school spirit.

I am a Graduating Senior class of 2019, and this is has been my favorite district out of the past 3 I've been in.
Great teachers. Updates to the school are very nice. Would like to see more diverse classes offered. More AP classes. Would like counselors to be more involved in college prep for students.
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my school experience has been well over the past four years. The teachers are very nice and help and take care of you. They always have an open door if you need help with any school work or anything. There are many activities that the school offers to keep you active and busy.
The school is very small considering the size of the village. Class sizes are approximately 85 kids. Everyone knows everyone here. Pro or con it's up to you.
There are an interesting assortment of classes; they just seem to be lacking once you get to your senior year.
I have been to more than five different school districts in my life, but in 6th grade I moved to Holley to start school and turn into the person I am today. Before Holley, I was a kid who was teased and bullied a lot and after just one year at Holley I blossomed into who I am now, the year I finish high school and go onto college. I have been involved in so many sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities at Holley that I may not have had the confidence to join in any other district. I loved going to school here. Excellent teachers and great staff all around. From the classroom to the court, I've loved every minute at this district and will feel as though I am leaving a piece of myself behind when I go off to college.
Holley is the best High School in the world. Everyone is so close and friendly. All we ever do is talk about how great it is. The teachers really know how to help, and you are never alone.
I have had a great experience with the teachers at Holley. That are always willing to help if I do not understand a topic. Several teachers have supported me in light of my recent bout with depression.

The facilities are amazing; they were renovated several years ago, and are well-maintained.

I have had some struggles in academic planning, especially with summer courses. I have had to take courses that were unnecessary over the summer because the faculty failed to take into account my schedule for the following school year. The future courses covered the requirements of the summer course.

Overall, I have had a good run at Holley.
Holley Central School District is an amazing environment where students and teacher can connect. The school is small so everyone has the chance to make a lot of friends and get to know one another. Holley has given me the expirence I need to embrace the real world.
Holley is a very good, small school with many happy faces. You can always count on your teachers and the Holley staff.
Holley is a small district. Size does not limit the quality of education, but enhances it. Being in a small school allows you to connect with your teachers and participate in several extracurricular activities. Holley surprisingly offers many extracurricular options. Going to Holley has not only allowed me to participate in activities at school, but also outside of the classroom. I have gotten to travel to place such as Boston and Myrtle Beach for band competitions, and Europe and Spain for experiential trips.
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