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Holland Patent Central School District Reviews

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Holland Patent was very good for my developing academics and my social skills. It was a school full of good teachers and students who helped me along my path. Everyday was different and that uncertainty was a good thing because it created excited that the students got engaged in and also started.
While the academic aspect of Holland Patent is pretty good, there are a couple of things that could use some change. For example, how they enforce the rules and how they keep the students safe. An example of this is how someone caught making a bomb threat only gets suspended for the day. Not the day they made the bomb threat for, but the day it was found out that they were the ones who made it. And while we have not been bombed, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the threat seriously. Now for the good things. The majority of the teachers are fair and have a good teaching method. The education is very good and they have many college classes students can take. And finally, the music program and sports are another perk about Holland Patent.
Holland Patent School District is a small school that could use a lot of work. I think some things that could make HP a better school is getting outsider opinions from other districts for help on addressing their problems.
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I enjoyed the opportunity to take dual credit courses. This school offers many more than some surrounding districts. Fairness in many processes, with administration, athletics, and academics, is not present. Safety also needs to be improved greatly.
The teachers there are very good. They know what they are talking about and they are always willing to help you. There are one or two who I would try to avoid being taught by. I don't like their teaching methods. One teaches using a lot of videos and the other does the homework in class and the notes at home. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from. Advanced and regular classes. There are also classes for people who need help learning. There are also music and art programs that are taught by very skilled teachers.
My experience at Holland Patent was great. The teachers are very supportive and want their students to excel. The town is very homey as the everyone in the community knows one another. Although the school needs some physical improvements. Overall, it is an excellent school to go to.
My overall experience wasn't a bad one. Classes were challenging and teachers required you to work hard. The only problem I had with the school is that the classes didn't prepare me for college to the extent that they should have. Yes the AP classes and the classes offered through MVCC helped, but I was still a little unprepared to go to the four year college that I did.
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