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It was a nice school to grow up in however it was terribly unorganized and they kept some teachers that should have been fired.
I really liked having the option to attend Careerline Tech Center, which is a technical school that has a ton of useful classes. I would, however, really like to see more hands-on teaching methods used.
I like how diverse the school is and how much school spirit some people had. Although, my biggest issue with the school during my high school years was communication. Between our administration and even our student senate, nothing seemed to be clear.
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My experience at Holland High started going into 8th grade at the high school. All the k-7 buildings combined and for once my whole grade was together in the same building. Different backgrounds, cultures, and friend groups all meshing together as a family. One of my favorite things about Holland is the diversity and the welcoming environment. I have been able to meet and learn about peoples backgrounds that I would never have connected with if I had gone to a private school. Over these 4 years, I have been able to grow with these people and learn about my developing character. The teachers have been able to instruct me and provide uncomparable advice. As well as creating intentional relationships with those around me. Overall I had an amazing experience at Holland Public and would recommend looking into the community it offers.
The educators were nice and supportive. They did everything they could to ensure that I was able to graduate within the correct time frame and with excellent grades. I was able to start a club since the school did not have one, with ease. That really helped a lot of us find our niche.
My experience has been some what rocky. Over all they are a great school. In some cases you can't get the things that you want or need. For example, I'm Varsity cheerleader and my team tried to come up with ideas to raise funds for new pom poms and uniforms. The athletic director wouldn't allow us to do anything. For other sports he lets them do whatever, for the cheerleaders he wouldn't let us do anything.
I really like our school because of the teachers and students. Also, the school is brand new, so it is very nice.
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