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I went to Holland from kindergarten up until I graduated high school. It's a small school, not much diversity but my whole class grew up together and we all knew everyone very well. Since it is a small school, there are not very many opportunities to take interesting classes. There was basically CADD, woodworking or home and careers. Overall in was a nice school but not a lot of room to grow and explore.
Holland Central Schools truly make you feel like you are important and your opinion matters. Since Holland is quite a small school, everyone knows each other and it isn't a hard task to make friends. The students at Holland are some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Growing up in a small town like Holland allows one to have a very close knit group of friends. Most of the students in my graduating class have known each other since kindergarten. Not many schools are able to say that they are friends with everyone in their grade and i feel very lucky to be able to do so.
Holland is a small, close-knit community where everyone knows everyone. It has the kindest people, who are always willing to help those in need. The support from the teachers makes Holland an extremely inviting school, and because of its size, anyone can join a sport, club, or one audition for the musical without the fear of not being included. The best days at Holland are the ones where there's a big game, or a show to put on. Everyone including students of the past and present, teachers, and family members come out to support athletes and drama club alike. There's nothing like the atmosphere of the school and the pride we have to be from Holland Central School District.
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Holland central school district is a very small school. Since its size, everything feels more homey. Most staff are quite pleasant and polite making the students feel comfortable and safe. We also have a climbing coarse, new furniture, technology, new windows and extra shielding of protection around the doors. We even have secret cameras watching the doors and outside premises. Along with all of these gorgeous additions we hired a new lunch staff. There will always be things people would like to change about Holland, but most come out of opinion, such as bathrooms and heating. Our diversity aspect is close to none but Hollands arms are open to all. Holland staff and teachers are finally bringing some light on our small town and I am very excited on whats to come in the future days of HCSD.
Holland school district offers limited classes, clubs,and sports teams. Thought my time in the high school each year is getting better and better in regards to more classes and clubs being offered to students. With more distant learning classes, combined sports teams with other local schools, I hope in the future Holland continues to grow and develop into a better more diverse school.
If I was given the ability to change one thing about the Holland Central School District, it would be the lack of opportunity for the students to really challenge themselves and grow. There are very few options for AP and language studies, which i would like to see change in the future. One thing I love about being a student at Holland is the teachers. They treat every student with respect and push them while also knowing their boundaries. I will miss my tiny school when I leave for college, but the memories will stick with me forever.
I Gave Holland a low grade because I believe that everything is political. For stiff like if you’re not born in the city you mean nothing to them. Another thing I’d communication between the officials and students is poor. In my experiences they take very little we tell them and work on fixing it.
Holland has a lot of great things that some school won't even ever get to have we have such great things
There is dedicated staff who are very helpful and love what they do, but there are limited class options and its hard to find classes that fit with what you want to do.
I enjoyed that Holland Central School District was a small town school which offered many students potential to excel in academics and sports. I did not like that our school district and community was so divided and could not get together as a group to improve and expand on academic resources and cut programs instead of adding them.
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