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I moved to Holdrege my Freshman year, so I only experienced my last four years of school at the High school. It’s a small town with a decent sized high school with decent size classes. My freshman year was sort of a struggle because there were many required classes to take and it got better my sophomore year. Then junior went by like a breeze. And my senior year was like it didn’t happen because of how fast it went by and how easy my senior year was. The school system is OK. Teacher and staff are OK as well.
It is a good school with teachers who really care about the students. It needs to add more dual credit courses though. There are many high level classes but there are few benefits to taking them because they are not weighted differently than normal classes.
Holdrege Public schools was an alright experience. It had your typical high school drama. Most of the teachers just did what they had to while a few others actually indeed did try. The food was horrible and there was little diversity within the school at all. Mostly because the town is so predominately white. The sports teams could be revamped and some of the facilities at the time were sub par at best. 3 Stars.
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Really the best source of knowledge I took away from the Holdrege Public Schools came from what the teachers had experienced personally. That's one of the things that made my experience growing up through the school system so great. It was the teachers, they would not just teach you the subject but they taught you how to learn and succeed in the real world. However, it was not just the teachers, even the janitors would teach you everyday things from hard work to enjoying the little things in life. If I could have changed anything though, I would have liked to have more classes but due to funding issues and how small our school is I understand why we did not have the chances to add extra classes like German of Computer Coding.
Holdrege Public Schools is an excellent high school with caring teachers, a variety of programs that are offered, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to participate in.
My experience at Holdrege High had definitely been a memorable one. I have made many great relationships with the majority of my teachers. Something I would like to see change is that the schools need to use their money more wisely and update their facilities.
I love how the atmosphere is at HHS. All the students stand as one and support each other with everything they do. Our student section is supportive and crazy even when we are losing
Holdrege Public Schools do a great job of preparing students for college and for the rest of their lives. In a small town like Holdrege you will have smaller classes which means you have more one on one time with your teachers and you really get to know everyone. It helps when you need extra assistance in a class or classes because the teachers really care about you and how well you do and you will also have students that can help you out as well.
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