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Holden R-III School District Reviews

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I love all the teachers at Holden! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. If any student has a problem they can go to a staff member seeking help!
Parents that would fund the sports their child wasn’t held responsible for their actions. Those kids were allowed to bully other students, do drugs, because the school wouldn’t touch them because of who their parents were. The teachers caused drama throughout the school as well. I know many parents who had decided to Home school their child and never even had the child finish high school because of bullying. The schooling itself I feel was good. I think it helped the students to succeed and helped them to get jobs in the future, overall I think the school was poor.
When I was in grade school and Junior High our school was amazing and the teachers were dedicated to making a difference in our lives. Schools came from all corners to see our prototype. One by one the great teachers left or retired and they were replaced with teachers who saw the job as a power trip. They could change a GPA with the stroke of a pen and seemed to delight in the look of terror when they threatened to fail a person. I thought teachers were suppose to help us not hinder us! We need teachers who take pride in the success of their students!
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The grading system is tilted against the kids taking harder courses and college classes. Many teachers left and the new ones are not full of city pride. It has been a struggle just to get the grades I earned.
For the past three years, I have lost one of my peers. From what I have heard they have been suicides. The school has really got on helping kids with mental illness and bullying. My junior year I was really affected by the death of a sophomore. I started to develop anxiety and get very depressed, school seemed to reek of death to me. The staff and administration was really understanding. They helped me pass my classes as I learned to deal with my mental illnesses. They even let a GSA club start and Inspire, which is a group/club to help students with mental illnesses. The staff noted how students who only took the required three math classes were not prepared for college. So they added a fourth math credit requirement to help prepare students. The counselors started a new students group to help students who are new to the district adjust to the change. It is one of the best schools I have been to and i have been to 12.
I have been at Holden since Kindergarten. I know all the people in my grade and most of the people in the other grades. I have teachers that support me and, like all schools, some bad teachers. The administration is great most of the time and I like going to school almost all of the time.
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