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I have lived within this school district almost my whole life. I've known everyone here for quite a long time. This district contains a very diverse surroundings. The academics here are quite excellent and provide a great start off to an university or college.
I attended the Holbrook Unified School district kindergarten through my senior year of high school. The HUSD staff and administration are what make HUSD so great! Each employee cares deeply not only about their student’s academics, but also their overall well being. HUSD provides excellent education in a safe, organized, supportive, and clean environment.
I liked how even though a lot of us seniors didn't want help or didn't want to take the time to focus on our future the teachers were pushing us and there to help us through it all.
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In the four years that I have attended Holbrook High School, I have not learned about education but a lot about life. I have made the most wonderful people and have a good time at every event held at this High School. I would like for them to change up their food a bit, but it is free. The teachers and faculty are amazing and very caring.
The staff and teachers are amazing and want the best for all their students. The small town is very welcoming, whether you live in Holbrook or whether you live somewhere else. The diversity is what makes the school unique. Each school in the district has different clubs and activities that the students can take part in so that no student is left out. Also the schools are very safe, clean, and friendly.
I loved Holbrook High School, the teachers were mostly friendly and just about everyone was always looking out for you, and Principal Phaturos made it a personal point to make sure you were on track to succeed.
I've been in this school district since kindergarten and I love it. As I look back at my years here they are full of fantastic memories. The faculty strives for a safe learning environment and to help each child. Not only do they help you graduate but they also are there to aid you on the path to college. However I would add a larger variety to the classes offered. If they had a real world course where you learn how to balance a check book or pay your taxes I wouldn't give a second thought to taking it. Holbrook has a strong sense of community. Once a roadrunner always a roadrunner and I am glad to have the honor of being one.
Holbrook High is a very different but well educated community. At this school I learned major life skills like time management, college readiness, and independent studying. All of these great factors I learned over my time with high school and all I can say is that it was worth it.
I really love the diversity here at Holbrook Unified School District. The teachers are super nice and are willing to help you with anything. We have a great sports program and the students are really involved with the basketball and football games.
Holbrook Unified School District is a very unique and diverse learning community. Teachers work hard to provide students with the appropriate knowledge to prepare them for post secondary education.
My experience at holbrook high school for the past 3 years have been good. Just want to see more fun activites that are planned like homecoming and dances.
Great environment, full of excitement, and the staff are there to make you successful and push you to fulfill your dreams.
I have been a Roadrunner (Holbrook's mascot) since I was in Kindergarden. The Principle at HHS is unlike any other. Instead of being inside his office all day, he goes from one classroom to another and teaches a little bit of something that he learned that day or related to his word of the day. I come from a long line of Holbrook Alumni in my family. It's the best school.
My experience at Holbrook High School is great. They have great school system and academic. I also like the schools sport system also because they make you a student then an athlete.
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