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Holbrook Public Schools Reviews

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The students there are absolut;ly GREAT! The teachers are excellent, the enviroment is great, and the school itself is amazing!
There are many community involved events.. student leader opportunities.. and unity encouraged.Holbrook high school uses diversity to their advantage and try to expose diversity to the students so they except it. The teachers for the most part are here for you and they try to make the learning and growing environment easy for you while still challenging you.
What I like about the Holbrook public schools is that the faculty is very involved in ensuring that students are ready for the future in the real world. Also everyone gets along with everyone which provides a positive environment that everyone is comfortable to be in.
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Holbrook Public Schools is a beautiful environment. Everyone is so close, they are like family. Although we are small, Holbrook really brings everyone together for good times and memories, especially with the new state of the art k-12 school!
I go to Holbrook junior senior high. We are a level one school which shows that academically we have good students. I've gotten a good education there and I actually feel like I'm learning something and have a bright future. If you live near Randolph or Brockton come to Holbrook Jr Sr high. I love my school
Holbrook schools are fairly good schools academically for being a small district They are building a new school for all grades This was very long overdue.
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