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My experience in hoke county high school has been a average high school experience like every other people but sadly their are still more thing that I would like to improve on. The safety of the school is one of the thing I would improve but lucky they are improving the safety
The main thing I really enjoyed within my time at Hoke would be the Nursing program. The other thing would be how diverse Hoke County Schools Campuses are. Now the schools could use better food for sure. Also, the female bathrooms are just horrendous they could use a lot of fixing.
I attended Hoke County Schools for the majority of my education. Constantly had a lack of resources (students having to share 3 to a book). Most, but not all, of the teachers seemed to have no interest in teaching and treated it as a job instead of their career. Sandhoke Early college was a God send for this district.
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Slight change within my four years at the school, could’ve been better but also it could’ve been worse.
There's a lot of great education opportunities at the high school with new CTE courses. It's a large school so you can meet different people with all types of diversity. School lunch isn't like "omg this is so Good " but its decent enough for those who enjoy it, plus they give out apple juice on occasions.
Absolutely worthless all the way to the Superintendent. Prejudice with fake policies. Hoke County schools are a joke.
I love the opportunity afforded to me by attending Sandhoke Early College High School. It is something I wish all students had access to and has prepared me for my college education.
The Hoke County school system is what you make of it. For those that excel academically, you will survive. Others often fall through the cracks or into violence.
What Hoke County mainly lacks is funding for its schools. Most schools have outdated books and computers reaching well over 10 years old. The drive of teachers isn't under question.
What can I say about Hoke County High School. Hoke County High School is a school that really challenges it's students both academically and socially. Hoke County High School is different from any other high school, most high schools just focus on getting you ready for college, but Hoke gets ready for college and the real world. The teachers push you to do better and how to be better people. They push you to to your limits then teach you how to better yourself. The teachers do everything in their power to make sure you do something after high school. Most importantly the teachers care about both their jobs and the students. I do hope that the food gets better though.
All my life I have lived in the hoke county school district and have attended many different hoke county schools. My over all experience has been great. I have always had the resources that I needed through the school if not at home. Through every challenge that I have been approached with in my life, hoke county schools has given me the support and dependability that I need. I have tried my best to take everything that this schooling system offers and run with it. I know that in the real world we will not be given such an opportunity that this school system has given me, however, I choose to use everything at my disposal to help me get as far in life as I possibly can. With this being said I could not be where I am today in my educational career without hoke county schools being my foundation, and I will continue to use everything I have learned from such an experience throughout my life.
I would like to see more FREE activities for both high schools (SandHoke), Hoke County is low on money but students should not have to pay 15 or 20 dollars to get a ticket to see a football game.
I'm currently enrolled in Hoke County High School and I have been a student in Hoke County School District my entire life. Personally I can see a big change in the quality of education that we receive and I feel that this enhancement has greatly impacted my life and my college readiness.
Some of the schools are good, not all of them. Sandhoke Early College was good. There are some bad things could be said of Hoke High.
The Hoke County schools system has it´s pros and it´s cons. You will always have the staff and administration who really acts like they do not care and just pass students by or wait until a student just fails themselves out, but you also have your staff who cares about a students future and will do anything to make sure that they are set when they leave the high school.
Hoke county is an school that gave me an great overall experience. Although, there are some security issues that need to be addressed.
This district has grow exponentially over the past years and though it has a few flaws (what school doesn't?) it's got one heck of a band program. They've made it all the way to Carnegie Hall.
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Hoke County Schools strives for innovation and excellence. I do not feel that they prepare the students for college and career readiness because they do not hold student accountable. Assignment due dates are overlooked without consequences. Teachers and Administrators are at the whim of the parents for fear of a call to the superintendent or school board. Academics and the completion of academics should be priority over some one's hurt feelings.
I feel the county does a lot for their students. They are highly lacking in funds though, and the funds they do get I feel do not go towards the right places. They neglect the art department and other non STEM courses while putting too much money towards sports they don't win at. The teachers and atmospheres of the schools are good though and are a fairly safe environment.
I lived in hoke county since I was 3 years old. This city is mostly a military town since we are so close to fort bragg. My father is in the military, i can say when I was in middle school or high school we didn't really have military family events. hoke high all together was a okay school. There was alot of fighting and shooting going on . it seem like the school only cared about the sports. No big event for colleges or anything like that . the school wasnt really a big family either.
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