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I loved my teachers and my peers. The sports was great, everyone on the team including the coaches pushed each other to do better. Some things that I would change it that the food was horrible on most days and the building was very old. During the winter it was colder inside than it was outside and in the summer it was extremely hot inside. The teacher were very motivating and did whatever they could do for all of their students to be successful.
I like the academics, I did not like the behavior of the students. I also did not like the lunches. Some teachers were good.
what I like at Hogan preparatory Academy was football because football is my favorite sport and they were trying to help me make it to the next level and that"s what i loved about hogan. My experience at Hogan preparatory Academy was very interesting because my freshman year i was bad and my grades were bad so the next 3 years i had to work super hard to get my cumulative GPA up so it was stressful for me and very hard so that was the biggest challenge I had at Hogan preparatory Academy.
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I am currently a senior that attends Avila University, but my experience with Hogan was great. Its a small school, but the teachers was great at staying on their student to have them graduate. The sports there are great. I have always loved to play football. I played football in high school. When I first came to hogan I slipped up with grades, but my teacher stayed on me because they seen I have potential. Its a college prep school, but unfortunately the materials they provide for students really don't help.
You can experience a good learning environment. They teachers have high expectation for your. Our school wants every student to have a starting gpa of a 2.5.
Overall, hogan is a good school. The teachers genuinely care about their students and our education. There could be a lot of improvement with the matrix system and putting more important stuff as a priority instead of things that aren't that important such as uniforms. I think the matrix system needs to be changed so that our education is valued more than simple things that keep us from learning.
Im a senior in the school and im ready to get out of here. Curriculum is bad favortism and not enough electives
I like how small my class was, which allowed me to not feel too overwhelmed. My overall experience was average because I came to Hogan in my late high school years. I also believe that the academics and teachers could be less lenient and require more rigorous work.
Hogan is a school that is based off of sports. At hogan we have a lot of sports. The thing i like the best about hogan is the activities and programs that we have. The program that i like the best is the first one and the black history program. Something i dont like about hogan is the food and resources that we have. The food is low quality and small portions. Hogan needs to improve on the way the school is and looks because it looks bad the resources and food.
What I like about Hogan is the sports. Many kids are dedicated to showing off their talents in a way that'll take them far in life. The things that uninterested me in hogan is the school lunch. The economy should have changed due to presidents changing i feel lunch should be better now Obama out the office with his wife healthy meal plans.
Hogan is a school where teachers care about learning. The negatives are the state that the building is in, the food we eat, and resources. Other than that, our teachers are really good at their jobs, it's just the kids aren't as willing ti learn as they should be. The rules that we have to obey are getting too serious each year to where kids don't want to apply anymore. Our funds are low, we have lost many teachers because of budget cuts.
I've had a rough experience at Hogan to be honest. Since the start of my freshman year til now, I've only had one good semester GPA wise because of all the tough assignments and high expectations tagged along with it. I really like Hogan for their good athletic teams, but I would love to see change in the gym space since basketball is one of the most successful sports in Hogan history.
My overall experience was great at hogan because they get you ready for college.In it's mostly black people at hogan
I like Hogan because i learned a lot here and everyone is really nice and friendly. Everyone makes you feel like you are family and equal in Hogan. Teachers and students also encourage you to do better and pass. The teachers also stay past the time they're supposed to just to make sure you got everything that you need done.
Been at hogan for 7 years in still attend there its my last year i'm a senior class of 2018. Something that I really like about Hogan prep is that they make you feel like your family. They get you ready for the ACT and the real college life.
What I liked and still like about Hogan is the amount of support you get not only from your teachers but your peers. Everyone works together to accomplish one main goal while being there. That goal is graduating and working towards going to college. One thing that I don't like about our school is the way it looks on the outside and the inside.
I had an okay experience at Hogan. I attended my four years of high school and also my 8th-grade year which probably was my most interesting year.
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I like this school. When I came here I thought I wasn't gonna fit in but I fit in quite well. The teachers there work quite well with me through out the year and I was able to maintain a 3.8 at the end. One thing that this school should work on is the school environment like new school bathrooms, new windows, new laptops but overall this is a good school.
At Hogan Preparatory Academy every individual is treated like family. We all work together and stay connected throughout the building. Every single staff member pushes the students to work really hard to achieve their goals. The thing that I like about Hogan is that they give the students so much support and the work is challenging. The only thing I say would need to be changed is having stable teachers.
I graduated from Hogan Prep about one year ago i don't feel like they prepared me at all for the college experience. Hogan doesn't really focus much on students who exceed academic wise, most of the attention goes to sports. This high school has a lot of spirit and the atmosphere is very family like, but as a student you don't learn much. Yes, hogan is known for having a 100 percent college acceptance rate, Key word "Acceptance". The acceptance rate includes community colleges also, which every one gets accepted too who applies. Also the large amount of money in scholarships they talk about that seniors recieve also includes finical aide and grants in it, and school awards that they don't choose to go to but apply to. Hogan is not diverse at all and doesn't teach children how to interact with other cultures. The administration at hogan show favortism to athletes, and dont push them to do there best academic wise.
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