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Hockinson is one of the top rated academic related schools around. The teachers are really nice and lots of the students are hard working.
I am really grateful for my time at Hockinson. We are small and close knit school, but accepting of those who join us along the way. I love that all the teachers are supportive, and you can tell that they care about the students. We have an amazing band program that I have been able to be a part of, that truly feels like a second family. I love that as our school is small, everyone is involved in a lot of different things, and you can try something new. The community is an active part of the school. I do wish sometimes there were more class options, but they give us as many as they can again given the size of the school. Although we may not be spirited about everything, we go all out for color wars and football games, which is neat to see. Overall, I have had an amazing high school experience. I have made friends from all grades, learned much, and participated in some amazing activities. Though the school is not perfect, it has helped me become better.
I think it has a lot of great things but it doesn't live up to it's potential with the type of students that are there. I think it needs leadership that is more visionary and also more involved with the students.
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It's a small school, but that means you become part of a community and that can be really nice and special. And the academics are great. I have really grown as a student and learned so much valuable information that I can take with me to college. However there is not a lot of diversity in the students, as well as the activities, clubs, and classes. Because it's a small school, that also means it's limited.
Hockinson High School is a small community where you can really get to know your peers and teachers. The school has an amazing academic curriculum, and amazing sports teams and clubs.
I’ve spent my whole life growing up in a small town called Hockinson. I went to school with most of the same people from kindergarten to senior year. Hockinson School District has good teachers, and it's generally a close community. But the thing is Hockinson is definitely an upper-middle-class school. Everyone always had to have the newest phones and the best clothes, and because of that, I felt like I needed those things. Having a materialistic attitude was all I had known for a long time. During my sophomore and junior year, I had to teach myself that material items aren't the key to happiness.
When I first started attending i was not thrilled with the environment. I felt like the student body was not very accepting of others and those who were different were not well accepted. Regardless i still found friends and managed to make it through senior year happily. What i enjoyed most about Hockinson was the support that they had for others in times of need. I think it is a very encouraging district who spends their money well in the areas of need. The one thing that i would like to see change would be the curriculum. When i attended their high school i was thoroughly shocked at how little challenge it provided for me in the sense of preparing me for a university. When i was a high school junior i left and did Running Start full time at a community college because i felt that Hockinson High was not providing me with the experience that i would need later in life. Other than that i enjoyed the rest of what Hockinson offered me and would recommend it to anyone.
I love attending Hockinson High School. I enjoy the atmosphere of the school, the small environment makes it much easier to be connected with the community. I think that the school itself could help better prepare us for college then they are doing now.
The teachers are nice. A lot of them are in there first few years of teaching, but there are also some who have been there a long time. There is a fairly wide variety of classes, for a small school.
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