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Hobbs Municipal Schools is very diverse. There have many bumps and hills throughout my experience as a student. The administration needs many changes and staff changes. Overall, I have been prepared for succession and a bright future.
Overall a great school with great extra curricular activities. While the school lacks proper counseling for students in need of psychological help, the faculty is fair and gets the job done.
Hobbs high school is a great school! It is not a big high school, but it’s great. Hobbs high has been really good to me. All the staff will push you are hard as possible to graduate and go to college. Hobbs high is adding new curriculums and classes every year. Every teacher is very dedicated to their job, and will work with you individually if you are struggling. The principals of Hobbs High are always trying their best to help improve the school. They observe the school very carefully on what needs to be improve, and they get together to come up with different ideas and solutions on how to improve the school. In all Hobbs High School is an Amazing school! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully I could get this scholarship.
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Hobbs High is awesome! There are so many activities to join, the teachers are amazing, it makes the learning center a wonderful place!
I enjoyed my time at Hobbs high. I was on the varsity basketball team as a sophomore all the way to my senior year. This helped me stay on track and keep my grades up. The teachers there really helped me out getting all my stuff together. They can improve the school by allowing off campus lunch!
The Hobbs Municipal Schools have been very good to my family. I absolutely love the teachers that taught my kids. They were very loving and supportive. They made sure my kids were ready for college. As for the things I’d like to see change, the Math program.
My overall High Shcool experience was Excellent due to the friends i had and the memories i made. In order to get help you really had to get one on one lessons from a teacher, if you were struggling in the subject. In Hobbs everybody knows everybody, what i means is that there may be clicks but people weren't afraid to inteerfere with that click because you had someone in that class. That what i sort of like about high school that you can have class with people outside your classification. My school may not be perfect but i had a great experience at it.
Hobbs high is an okay high school to attend, overall my experience wasn’t the best but i did have some good memories! I had a 4.0 GPA most of my senior year and a 3.8 my junior year but still was not eligible to graduate with honors which was very upsetting to me, but it is not a big deal now as i am attending the college i want with no issues.
Hobbs High has some teachers who try to help their students learn, but an equally large number who don't care. It is hard to find success when the school seems to care so little about student success. The principles talk about taking action to help students, but I soon found out that these were hollow promises. Hobbs School District is not terrible, its just not good.
It was a great school. I made many great friends & had amazing teachers my whole high school career.
Good school and the teachers are sympathetic to the students and their needs. My daughter is a junior with a medical condition and she has been treated very well. They are accomodating when she needs to be out for doctor visits or is hospitalized.
My experience at Hobbs High school was good. I was in a wonderful program called SkillsUSA. That program helped me find skills I didn't know I had, gave me opportunities for careers, and helped me build amazing friendships. The teachers I had were great. When I was in high school I wished they had more extra-circular activities like dance. Currently at Hobbs High they added a lot more for the current students so I don't have anything I would like them to change.
Hobbs has excellent teachers who really care about their students. I would like these teachers to receive more recognition for their teaching.
Hobbs high school is very supportive, and they really help you with all your struggles. The teachers will have one on one with the student and help with any situation. Hobbs High is a unified school.
Hobbs Municipal Schools is a decent school system. I wouldn't recommend it here if you are a person with an open mind.
Marching band, and the calzones were some of the best part of my Hobbs High memories. The friends and colleagues I made while at Hobbs High will stay with me forever.
I really enjoy the diversity and culture of the school, but the safety is not the greatest, even when they have three security guards. The school is overcrowded but still comes with an enjoyable high school experience.
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I love the teachers! They are kind and try so much to watch their students succeed. There should be more attention shown to bullying and fights to help prevent them.
Hobbs Municipal Schools allows students to be unique and strive to be their very best with opportunities like FFA, and musical activities. These students can do things they enjoy while getting a great learning experience at the same time. The education could be better here, when comparing to other schools. The teachers in many cases could show more effort and care. Students need motivation and great teachers, wich i do not think is provided here. Teachers should love there job and not just be there for a paycheck. Overall I feel as though Hobbs Municipal Schools could improve on staff, and extra curricular activites that allow students to strive education wise.
Hobbs municipal school is the beast in lea county many are in good state.
academics is big in Hobbs diversity,teachers,college, are many the beat big towns
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