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HLV Community School District Reviews

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HLV is a very welcoming school. We treat everyone like family here. Teachers are great and very helpful when it comes to needed extra help on an assignment. Sports is a very big thing at HLV ad a great way to connect with friends.
The school does not prepare students for college. It babies students in athletics and not in academic Honor Roll. It does not teach the skills required to make it through college. HLV has become known to the SICL conference as a joke in academics but athletics is very good. Still putting to much money into athletics.
The school is very small and everyone must participate in everything. Teachers do not prepare students enough for college. I did not know how to actually study for exams until my second semester of college. HLV is very focused on athletics, not the arts. Money should be spent to fix up things in the building like tiles falling off the walls, water leaks, and bad windows.
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This school shows great ability to teach my student and let them become more free. This shows how well taught these teachers are and how much they care.
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