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Hinton Community School District Reviews

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I started Hinton in 10th grade. So, I was nervous about starting a new school in the middle of high school, but everyone was very kind and welcoming. The students were friendly and the teachers were patient. If I could change one thing though it would be how the students treat some of the teachers. It's not everyone, but there are some students that think that they can just walk all over teachers. In reality, they should be grateful that we have them to help teach us and help us grow.
I love our school district and the people in it. The teachers and academic program is great. The only thing I would change would be a wider class selection as in different languages to learn excluding Spanish.
Hinton is very welcoming and the environment is nice. The small class sizes allow for lots of one on one time with teachers who want you to succeed.
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The teachers want to get to know you, all the staff is incredibly friendly, the school is now One to One with MacBook Airs, meaning every student gets a laptop.
Great people and a great place to get ready for the rest of your life. Small town feel Big city action.
Hinton is an amazing school. All the teachers are willing to work with you and treat you like family. It is a very warm and welcoming school, where you will always feel like you belong. I made so many great connections there that will be life long ones.
The mathematics department of Hinton is awesome. Hinton also has a fairly good science program. Hinton mostly focuses on sports, and because of this the academic clubs do not get much, if any, funding. I you are at all interested in joining any extracurriculars besides sports, I would not recommend Hinton.
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