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Hinsdale Township High School District No. 86 Reviews

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Hinsdale Central is an awesome school. Great academics, great opportunities for extracurricular activities and sports, most teachers are experienced and dedicated. It lacks diversity.
Hinsdale Central is a very demanding school environment, but also very rewarding. The teachers and classes prepare you very well for college. The building itself is old and is in need of a make over.
Hinsdale Central High School has been a great 4 year experience from academics, to students, to athletics and clubs. I feel very prepared for college due to the rigor in the classroom.
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I attended high schools at three different schools, two in Florida and HCHS. Central was far superior to the education provided by the other schools, bar none! Having been a teacher, I know that high expectations are very important. Those set by the administration, teachers, students and parents. Each group set and delivered very high expectations.
Parental involvement with the educational process was very high also. Maybe over the top in some ways but again, having been a teacher (not at
HCHS or Dist 86) this is another vital component of a solid educational program (although schools aren’t allowed to include that in the spell out of their expectations. I honestly feel I learned and was challenged much more in high school than college. Kudos to HCHS staff!
This school is very academically focused. If you aren't taking AP courses, you are probably in the minority. It will get you a great education and will get you into a good college, but it can be taxing. A lot of the kids have mental health issues because of the stress. The administration also seems to care more about how things look on paper than the actual experience of the student. Even if everyone else has a snow day, if you go to hinsdale central, you're not getting one. It's that kind of thing. They do have a great guidance department and social workers for support if you need it, but they can only do so much. People can be very stuck up and closed minded too.
Central has excellent academics overall. The ACT average is about 27. Students are expected to work hard, and most teachers are knowledgeable and committed to their work.

One principal drawback is the relatively weak results of the Science department, and Physics in particular. The administration has refused to address it for years.

Athletic programs are excellent overall, but the knowledge level of coaches is highly uneven. Also, the AD refuses to ensure that the athletic program is Title IX compliant. He explains that he provides equal treatment by allowing each coach the autonomy to make their own decisions. That seems fine until you realize that there is a strong tendency for the girl's coaches to establish very different standards than the boy's coaches. The AD is responsibility is to level the playing field, but he refuses. That choice may become expensive for the school at some point. They have had over 40 years to comply.
It's a great environment. There are many opportunities to get involved in the school, and everyone is friendly and all-inclusive and it pushes people to work hard. In my opinion it pushes students a little too much. Students are constantly stressed and anxious. The kids have lots on their plates and enormous heaps of pressure.
I liked how they would fix an problem that arose when it came to inequality. This school also has a great academic structure for when incoming freshmen go to high school. I use a lot of strategies i learned in high school in college. College isn't as bad as some teachers make it. A student just has t be motivated and willing to put in work to get good grades.
I loved the atmosphere because it was all kids who are working hard and want to succeed so there is no slacking off. The lack of diversity is upsetting, but it continues to get better.
There are so many clubs, sports, extracurriculars, AP classes, and other opportunities that students can gain vast knowledge, valuable life lessons, and have fun all in one place!
I like the faculties attempt to participate in students life, however it is impossible when school has that maNY strict rules
Amazing school and faculty. Great learning environment. School is in an extremely safe environment with a friendly police officer stationed on campus. The food options in the cafeteria are great. A variety of classes are offered to students. Hinsdale Central prepared me extremely well for college and put me at the top of my class.
I went to Hinsdale central as a freshmen and sophomore and the town is very wealthy so the school is very well funded. The sports and academics are some of the best in the country though the school is primarily white.
Great teachers. Administration is hard to work with sometimes. Diversity is very low, and students will be ill-prepared with that in the future. The activities and clubs are great, but the sports are hard to get into due to the cult-y nature of it. I would like to see less money funneled into sports and more into technology and technical education. Great school for college-bound students.
I think that there are a lot of quarrels and fights between Hinsdale Central High School and Hinsdale South High School, particularly amongst the parents. Much of the fighting would be from funding and disparages between the size and education levels of the schools. Overall, as a student form Hinsdale Central, I have loved my time here and cannot wait to continue!
Hinsdale Central is by far one of the most challenging public high schools in the state. Some of my classmates who were transfer students from other schools got straight As there. They now are getting straight Bs with some Cs. Part of this reason is due to the school's emphasis on honors and AP classes Another reason is due to the way certain classes are taught and certain teachers' teaching abilities. Most kids at Hinsdale Central will tell you that the science department is terrible. There are classes where a fifth of a class will have the same tutor for the subject. Apart from science, the school's academics are great. Over 200 students are inducted into NHS and over 40 students get into Ivy Leagues and top 20 schools each year. School spirit is strong at school and it's a great school for athletes. The school has some diversity, but most minority students do not live in Hinsdale.
The environment was comfortable, many Honors and AP classes are offered. The teachers do vary- some are very engaged and others are not. The guidance department is stretched too thin. SPorts are very competitive- which is good and bad- many trophies- but many people do not get a chance to participate.
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I, for the most part, enjoyed my time at Hinsdale Central High School. There is a lot to get involved in with many clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Most of the teachers are caring and helpful, but there are a few are the opposite. The only bad part of Central is the high stress environment. The teachers are very hard on the students and give a ridiculous amount of homework. The expectations of the students is very high, which creates a lot of stress. Overall it is good school.
When I attended I appreciated the amount of diversity that I saw throughout the school. I also liked the fact that the school offered many electives and extra curriculars.
Hinsdale South was the best 4 years of my life so far. The staff there is exceptionally amazing and care about the well-being of the student. They will always go out of their way to make sure the student is getting the education they deserve.
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