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Hinds County School District Reviews

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I worked at Hinds County School District as a contractor


The kids are great! They make coming to work worthwhile. Some co-workers are incredibly helpful and clearly dedicated to their work and their students. Good feeling of community.


Central office makes some decisions I and others don't agree with. The administration isn't as transparent as it could be. Administration makes a lot of decisions that it doesn't follow through with.

Advice to Management

Listen to the teachers. They have an incredible amount of knowledge and ideas. Stay calm under pressure and be firm, but admit mistakes. Be humble.
I never planned on going to school three hours away from home, but when I got an full ride offer for cheer I took my chance and ran with it. I am so thankful that I chose Hinds over any other JUCO because it feels like home. The school is very easy to get around and understand. I had a ruff start my very first semester, but I talked to all my teachers and they were willing to help me get back on track and where I needed to be. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained. I could not imagine if I were to have picked another school. I have made so many new friends, the administration is amazing, and I am very thankful to have came to Hinds.
I like how the parents are involved, the readiness for college that install in is, the academics in which the teachers make an extra effort to help us understand
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They are a very good district the staff are excellent teachers and administrators i would prefer any parent to this district for their child education
I can tell that they are truly invested in their students well-being. Being apart of Hinds County feel like a big family. Everyone is close to one another and I love how the teachers check on their students.
I was transferred to Raymond Highshool after ou school closed it doors. The faculty welcomed us in with open arms. We could talk with the teachers on a one on one basis. I wouldn't change anything about this school. I graduated in 2016 from this school.
My overall experience of Hinds is nice. The people are nice and take the time to seek to needs of other people. The classes are easy, and I actually learn while having fun. I have no school on Fridays(which is awesome!). My classes are usually from 9 a.m. to 12 or 1 p.m., which means I can get lots of rest and prepare myself for the next day. I would recommend Hinds to anyone that is nervous about college or who wants to start small first.
I like the diversity of Hinds County School District. Hinds have plenty of clubs and activities. The Academics is very good . Hinds have amazing resources.
Great teachers that care about students. A lot of activities. Talk about safety and what to d and what not to do. Great sports and clubs.
I attended Hinds Community College. The school was very eager to get their students involved with sports and other activities. It was really easy to meet people and all of the staff were super generous. I loved every moment of being apart of that college.
In my four years of experience, with Hinds County, I enjoyed the teachers, food, and sports. Something I'll like to see change is more involement with the schools' administration and students.
My overall experience with Hinds county has been okay . The reason why I only said okay is because the school education level is at a minimum. In other words, we do not get the same type of education that other schools outside our district receive . Not only do we not receive fair education but they don’t invest much in what we have at our schools . A few things that I would like to see a change in is in them making sure that we obtain the proper education to be successful in life . I also want to see an effort to build more facilities and have more programs that’s beneficial to us as children,students, and residents of hinds county.
Hinds County School District is an average school district in my opinion. I would like to see students get prepared for college in the future. The school district lightly addresses important things such as the ACT or SAT,which is very disappointing. There isn’t great security,and there is a 50/50 chance of getting in a class that you’ll actually learn in. Other than that, I loved the experience!
Well, the Hinds County School District is a public school based district. The teachers are average. There are a lot of optional activities. Students have a chance to take dual enrollment and to receive their nursing while in high school.
I grew up in hinds county and so I want to represent my county and schools the best way possible, I graduated from Terry High School and loved every minute I was there. every student had a smile on their face as they were ready to learn.
Hinds County School District has some amazing teachers! There are also some teachers who need more guidance and mentorship to navigate the trials of the classroom. For the most part, our experiences with teachers have been positive and conducive to learning for my children. The issue facing Hinds County School District is that the administrators for the district and individual schools are trying to hold on to what the district was in the past. We have the potential to be greater than we've ever been but we don't want to acknowledge that the district makeup has changed significantly. Administrators and district officials don't seem to recognize who they are currently serving. It is certainly not the demographics of the past and we must admit that and work towards being more culturally aware and embracing who we are at this current moment.
Hinds is a great entry level college and provides adequate knowledge for your future degree. Anyone who doesn't want pay off loans after school will enjoy
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Hinds County School District is a very average school district despite dual enrollment and some well advanced teachers who really prepare you. I think they should provide the kids with a better opportunity to be productive and individuals who are ready for success. They should offer more clubs, have their career center more up to date, and other education fields such as Clinton High, Murrah High etc.. Also better resources (computers, books, etc..)
What I liked about Hinds county was there dedication to their students and staff. I believe that they have given me the tools I need to be successful in college.
Going to Terry High School really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. The food is not that great but they have to make where everyone can eat. Like at every school you have some teachers that are amazing and so the are not, some that will impact your life and some you will never remember after you walk across that stage. Terry is fun and some times not. I did enjoy my time at Terry but I am glad to be done!
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