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Great teachers who care about their students learning and staff that provides the resources for all of their students.
I made some of my best friends at High High School. My fellow students were nice and so was the administration. I like the school itself; It was always clean and the hallways were always decorated with posters and inspirational sayings. If I could change one thing though it would have been my teachers. Some didn’t seem to care and would be rude when you asked for help. I had the same teacher for both Government and Economics and although she was a nice person, her teaching lacked interest and involvement. We would just sit at desks and take notes from presentations she didn’t even create herself. In order for me to learn I need to be hands on and up and active. I understand that that’s difficult for social students but the lesson plans could have been more creative and thought out. Whenever I asked for help or would ask her to explain it in a different way during class she would avoid the question or just move on without acknowledging it.
I like the teacher at Hilton, they helped make classes interesting. I live really close to my school which is nice to get to and from. I have made friends for life and I feel I am pretty prepared for college. The courses I have taken are really going to help me after graduation.
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Hilton Central School District has very enthusiastic teachers always willing to help whenever they see a student in need. However, the emphasis on the IB program really distracts students from an independent learning environment instead of being able to facilitate it.
I transfered to HHS as a Junior. It was a hard adjustment, coming from a much smaller school, but the counselors were very helpful.
Hilton Central High School was a fantastic school to go to growing up in the district. The majority of teachers there are kind and are invested in helping their students be successful. There are many extracurricular activities too! Like Musical, Art Club, Mock Trail, Sport Teams and more! There is always security there to make sure the students are safe at all times while they’re on the premises. They offer AP and IB courses to help students get a head start on their college careers. The school had many different cultures within it as well and were very accepting of them and respected those students cultures. The custodians there keep the school pretty clean as well on a daily basis. The one thing they do need improvement on is the food, most of it was good but some of it was not too pleasant to eat. And they also have vast library that is always being updated to keep the students entertained. Would highly recommend it.
I've been a student at the Hilton Central School District since I was 5. I've almost always had intelligent and understanding teachers.
I went to Village Elementary School, then Merton Williams, then the Hilton High School. There are counselors at every school. The employees are almost always kind, give or take a few.
The one thing I dislike about my district is the food. There are a couple good meals that they serve, but I wish that they did better with feeding students nutritious food, or giving them cooked broccoli that isn't cold...
Other than that, I don't really have any other complaints. Hilton was a great place to be educated and I'm grateful to have began there.
Being an IB and AP school(the High School atleast), it inhibited me from taking classes that reflected college majors i was very interested in exploring. So it was okay but some necessary classes are extremely difficult, which is preparing me for college but also strongly challenges my critical thinking and determination for success. On the other hand, the school has a great atmosphere between students and teachers, many teachers have good relationships with students which is important when learning difficult topics. The sports/athlete atmosphere is outstanding and very comforting knowing you are supported by the whole school. Overall, there are quite a few things that I believe should be addressed and changed, but I am thankful I went to such a unique place for 13 years.
As a High School senior, my experience with Hilton High School has been overall pretty good. I have worked with many authorities and adults to help me be able to graduate early, without taking summer school. The counselors are very helpful and kind and I always come to them with questions and when I need help. Hilton has some awesome teachers who are very flexible with students. However, one thing I don't like about Hilton is the new programs and IB diploma stuff they are adding. The new curriculum is harder and is a lot of extra work for both teachers and students. IB has wasted a lot of mine and other students time.
great faculty and school ..
great the school offers the IB and AP courses
they really get you ready for college the prepare you for next chapter in life.
I enjoyed my Years at Hilton
The staff and students are great at Hilton! I have never had any issues with students or teachers here.
I find the district is very open to opportunity and seeks out new methods to improving the way the students learn. However, certain programs have been limited to accommodate the IB curriculum
Hilton has great diversity through the people attending and the classes. There are some amazing teachers who will go above and beyond to make sure the students academic careers are stable. On the other hand, there are some teachers who ramble on about topics that have nothing to do with what is being learned. Due to this reasoning, I struggled to receive an A in some classes because of the teacher. The sporting events and activities are always lots of fun as the school comes together to support one another! Although, there has been some bad experiences with coaches that have caused some students to quit the sport they loved.
I currently attend Hilton high school. While I very much appreciate my teachers and what they do for me there are a couple of other things to take into consideration. I feel somewhat sheltered going to a school with very little diversity, traveling can be a culture shock at times. There are a couple of teachers who need to be gotten rid of because they simply do not do well communicating with students. I however feel very prepared for college and am excited for my future!
Hilton taught me so much that as I sit in my college classes I feel as if they're a breeze. Hilton is such an advanced school being one of the only IB schools in our city. All the teachers care about their students and want them to excell no matter what. Not only do the teachers get to know you as a student but they connect with you personally. If i never needed a teacher to guide me through a difficult time there was always someone there I could easily reach out to. High school is a difficult time of your teenage years but the staff and the school itself made it a little bit easier. I have no regrets about attending Hilton high!
I love how Hilton is a very open and resourceful school. For example, if I'm struggling with a concept or a class I can easily stay after the school day ends and get extra help, from any teacher. My coaches are insanely funny and inspiring men and I couldn't imagine life without them. They have greatly impacted me and the man I am becoming. Without Hilton High School, I would probably be a completely different person.
Cheered for 10 years through hilton schools. Loved al my coaches, and friends. Parents were always involved and overall an amazing school.
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District overall was satisfactory, would have liked to see teachers take more initiative in working with students with ADD.
The teachers were great, but the high school administrators restrict so much that the teachers are stuck in between a rock and hard place.
The school offers opportunities to a wide range of students both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. The willingness of the staff - including administrators, teachers and coaches - to go out of their way and donate their personal time to benefiting a student is way above that expected of any individual. The community developed at Hilton Highschool has a positive, enjoyable attitude unprecedented by any other public school.
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