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Hilmar Unified School District Reviews

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I love that Hilmar is a small school and everyone knows everyone. All the teachers care about you and your grades and everyone wants to excel in their acedemics. I would change the Portuguese program. There is only 1 teacher and she isn't very good
My experience at Hilmar Unified District was short. I transferred into the district 2 months into my junior year of high school and was able to graduate from Hilmar High. It was and is still small, staff and teachers are able to learn and get to know their students, which is what happened to me. For example, I would be walking to class and a teacher from a previous still greeted me as I passed by. It actually feels great to be remembered by a teacher, especially when I’m known as shy & timid. When it came to getting help about my future. The counciling office was always open and councilors were always happy to help. On the other hand, one problem that many students encountered was: students having the struggle to find a classroom where to print their assignments. It was always necessary to ask a teacher if we could print a document using their printer. It may be much easier to have one room where students can access, when necessary, to print out an assignment or document.
It is a small school, however, that is something I learned to love about the school. Especially since everyone knows everyone, the other students are easy to get along with, it's a very simple ag influenced school.
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It is a very close-knit small school. Academics is not a priority. It seems that football and athletics are valued over academics, although administration is trying to change that. If you are looking for AP classes, go to a larger school. If you are looking for a strong Ag and FFA program, Hilmar is perfect for you.
This community used to be very close, school spirited and worked well with students. In the more recent years it has began to change for the worse. Bullying and discipline has become a big issue.
While Hilmar may not provide the academic rigor compared to other larger, more resourced schools the overall experience provided by a smaller district proved to be very helpful. As educational leadership professional now working outside the district in the Bay Area noticing other perspectives has been helpful to prove Hilmar great benefits. Students are able to obtain experiences and extracurriculars that support student health without the pressure of competition of larger schools. Overall great place to raise and educate children.
Hilmar High School provided me a very memorable four years. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun along the way. Hilmar High School is a very safe, and friendly place and I count myself lucky to have attended.
Hilmar has very good teachers, especially at the elementary and they are always willing to help students. Small community and small school.
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