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Based on my experience in Hillside High School, I learned a lot about others from different backgrounds, with different cultures and new ways of doing things. The teaching is average because it all depends of the teachers. Some are exceptional but some are bad. The safety is very poor. The sport is not really elite, and so on.
My experience with Hillside High School was a good experience, I was able to do what I had to do in order to receive my high school diploma. I had a lot of fun participating in the sports and clubs that were there and I also had great teachers.
Hillside has always treated me well as a student. There are ways things to improve on, however, for the most part I enjoyed spending my time in the school district since Pre-School.
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I would like to change the food they provide and more involvement from the teachers. The parents should be more involved for the students sake it'll motivate students to participate in activities the school provides, it can also get them noticed by colleges that condoned who are involved. I believe if they allow the students to express themselves with the appropriate clothing other than the school districts uniform policy, students would be more satisfied attending school on an everyday basis. Overall students who attend schools of the hillside district will be more than pleased to attend schools with a happy environment and well fully structured safety procedure. They allow students to provide their own fun raisers to save up for their class outside activities that they'll remember for a lifetime. They celebrate those with high achievements and encourage those who don't believe they have what it takes to reach their goals.
The education system in Hillside is improving every year. The more your'e integrated in the school system the more help you receive.
The diversity of Hillside Board of Education allowed every student to have their voices heard. Therefore that is why I excelled at Hillside High School because every student including myself was able to have specific attention from someone who understand them.
The Hillside Board of Education has very good intentions. I truly believe that administrators care about the well-being of their students and set good examples for teachers. Teachers could be given better training on current curriculum but that's a work in progress project. Of course, there is that handful of teachers who are lazy, rude, and nonchalant about the success of their students. Those teachers' negative impact is continuously salvaged by administrators, who are most of the reason I'm giving such a high rating.
We don't have many extracurricular activities. The school lunch is also very disgusting and usually under cooked.
Hillside high school was a great experience for me because I came from. Another country and when I got to that school i met people that are from my place,my school is a mixed race which is nice and beautiful people work together to achieve good things just like the way one of our school did the running man challenge and made it spread this is a proud thing to say of my school.
In the four years that I have gone to this school, I have gained experiences that i would not have anywhere in the world. It is a great school that just needs more reasources, the teachers show an avid interest in thier students. Administration does all that the can to provide a well cared for and safe highschool experience, but they are not perfect. Over all this school could use work but it is great as it stands today.
Well my school has great teachers but some of them don't want to work . They don't want to put effort in and expect for the students to . And we are in a bad environment, there are dangerous people and things that happened to people who lives here . I think we would be safer in a different environment.
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