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My daughter attends Gier. The teachers are informative, responsive and great with my daughter. We switched from a charter and have over all been very happy .
Most teachers here at hillsdale do a tremendous job with preparing their students for college. The teachers work with students well and make school fun! There are many opportunities to join a club or a sport that you belong with. And the overall school spirit is amazing and makes going to school and school events very exciting.
Hillsdale is an amazing, diverse place where every person is accepted. It is a school that has opportunities for everyone. The teachers are open and willing to help with anything, be it schoolwork or personal problems. There are plenty of sports and clubs that anyone can join to further their high school experience, and it truly is a school where any person can find where they belong.
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This district is the highest rated district in the county for a number of reasons.
They have excellent teachers, AP courses and were rated a US News and World Report award school for the past three years: Bronze and now Silver Medal awards for the past two years. No other high school in the area offers as much.
Hillsdale Community Schools provides a well-rounded experience for students in academics, fine arts, and atheletics. The Hillsdale High School is ranked in the top 10% nationally for college readiness. Both the middle school and high school have been recognized as Reward Schools for academic accomplishments by the State of Michigan, as recently as 2016 for Davis Middle School. There are lots of musical options and fine arts programs for students at all levels. The after-school clubs and programs offer a variety of activities from sewing, cooking, chess club, computers, and community service/philanthropy groups. The sports programs are diverse with multiple state championship teams and individual performances.
Hillsdale High School provides me great opportunities in not only academics, but extracurricular activities as well. I wouldn't change a thing.
I do not like anything about Hillsdale Community schools. It is the worse school you could ever imagine going to. The teachers do not help the excel in what they are supposed to be learning. Also, the teachers do not like helping the students at all and have favoritism. My teacher failed because she did not like me. And my parents have brought it to the school's attention about my situation and the principle and staff did absolutely nothing except treat me worse as a student and as a person. I would never let my kids go to hillsdale schools when i get older.
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