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Hillsborough Township Public School District Reviews

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The district is fairly large, with roughly 600 kids per graduating class. I enjoy the numerous academic and extracurricular opportunities available starting with the intermediate school, with clubs ranging from book clubs and chess clubs to clubs focused on character building. The greatest variety and quality of activities is in the high school, where real scientific research goes on alongside advanced video gaming and sports after school. The education itself is of high quality, though it is perhaps slightly overshadowed by neighboring towns with higher-rated schools. Nonetheless, the district is excellent.
best school, good environment for kids, best rated teachers and well good activities
we have best championship award winners marching band program
good curiculem activities
My school district is one of the best in the state of New Jersey. It has a lot of financial backing which helps every student get all the resources he or she needs. It also has a lot of teachers who are enthusiastic with their job. My guidance counselors are especially knowledgeable and proactive about keeping the students updated. My high school offers a variety of courses and includes most of the AP classes. The only drawback would be that they do not emphasize or refer to IB courses a lot.
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I have enjoyed my past years with Hillsborough schools. Most of my teachers have been good and I feel it has prepared me very well for College.
I feel that I had a great experience in the Hillsborough Township public school system. I was fortunate to have exceptional teachers who guided me in the right direction to graduate and go further with my education.
The school is great, but the teachers vary from poor to excellent. Some teachers are strict, while others don't care. Lots of school fights and some drug use. Administration is slow during emergencies. Besides that, atmosphere is one that lifts others up in times of need.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of Hillsborough High School. I moved here in 6th and the entire district was very welcoming.
As a student of the Hillsborough Township High School, I can say that it is a good school in terms of facilities, faculty, and academics. Every student is provided with his/her own chromebook. The facilities and equipment in almost all subject areas (science, PE, music, etc.) are complete and are in good working condition. The teachers, counselors, administrators, and other staff are all open and friendly, and work hard to foster a productive but manageable environment for students. The school also offers many opportunities and a challenging curriculum (such as AP and Honors classes) for those who are more inclined towards rigorous academic programs. The only room for improvement I see is the student culture of entitlement. Other than that, Hillsborough Township High School is a recommendable institution.
In my opinion, Hillsborough Schools District has given me a nice environment to grow up in. I have never felt unsafe and always challenged. The issues that I had while I was in high school lay with the guidance department. I had specific views of what I wanted my high school experience, and but someone they always put up a fight with me when it came to scheduling. Besides my experience with guidance and scheduling, I feel that my experience with Hillsborough High School was overall good. I was always surrounded by a supportive community of teachers and students, and I never felt that I was neglected because I was an artsy kid, rather than a sports kid. Academically, I was always challenged and I performed well. Overall, it was a great place for me to grow up.
Courses and rigor offered for high school students. Differentiation in the classroom. Academic teams/ clubs for all students. Diversity in student body, staff, activities. Student centered. One to one initiative in technology. Hands on high school guidance counselors. Recognition of student achievements at board meetings. Hard working, dedicated and caring teachers. Sports programs, competitive.
I have a special needs son in the district. This year my son has been forgotten by the bus driver twice. The second time she LIED and said that she had “been down our street already,” which is completely untrue. This district is TERRIBLE for special needs children. If you have a special needs child DO NOT move here. In fact, Hillsborough has a lower than average graduation rate for special needs students. I wish so much I had known these things before moving here. HB schools have been a constant source of stress and I cannot wait to get out of here.
Hillsborough is full of great schools. They are clean, orderly, and overflowing with intelligent and caring teachers. I have attended Hillsborough Schools all of my life and I wouldn't change that even if I could!
I enjoyed the community the most, and the school setting was very good as well. Every school in the Hillsborough Township prepared you for college, and it provided you more knowledge to go into the real world.
I had a great time growing up in the Hillsborough Public School system. I very much enjoyed the large class sizes (550-600) as it provided a diverse demographic to interact with and learn from. The teachers were overall very good and the school offered a wide variety of sports, clubs ad extra curricular to participate in. I always felt there was a place for me and the faculty truly wanted to see me succeed.
Good school academically. Most teachers are helpful. A few are incredibly boring which makes learning challenging subjects more difficult. Lots of sports programs, but coaches seem to favor some player families over others. Lots of clubs. Active social life, but lot of unsavory behavior by many students, which leaves a lot of students to couch potato weekends.
I moved to Hillsborough in ninth grade and it's honestly been some of the best years of my life. My teachers have been super understanding, engaging, and relatable. They have always helped me to succeed. HHS also has a lot of great after school clubs. I joined a bunch before finally deciding to devote to the theatre program. Everything is pretty great here.
There is nothing special about this school. It is not bad or good. However, there are rare instances of amazing teachers like Mrs. Hintz, or Mr. Shindle.
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There are some amazing teachers at Hillsborough High school, but there are also teachers who are genuinely not good teachers. It is often disappointing because good teachers are too often restrained by standardized rules, and lessons that are not effective and prevent them from creating the best lesson plans unique for a specific class. I strongly dislike some of our school's policies, and I think they are overall CYA solutions that don't benefit students or teachers. In particular, I strongly dislike how our school does not offer alternative options in gym class for competitive athletes who are either in a school sport or training vigorous hours outside of school. I am all around disappointed with the gym programs, and I have never felt like I was respected as a human being by any of the gym teachers, except for perhaps one. Many of them are lazy and intolerant.
Overall, my high school experience was decent and the school was pretty good. The people there can be stressful at times, but the school has a large variety of classes and activities to choose from. It is also diverse with 2400 kids and people participate in all different clubs and sports. The teachers are understanding and good at what they do and most of the teachers I have had, I have liked for the most part. Lastly the food is sodexo, so I think it is the same as any other high school in the country.
Teachers are amazing, spirit night is a blast and the education is valuable. There are diverse students and the teachers really give every oppertunity to get involved. ex. starting your own club
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