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At Newsome, they have a great academic program and very involved teachers. They really care about your success and future. The one thing I would like to change about Newsome, besides the longevity of the classes, is the fact that Newsome students aren't very inclusive. While the school tries to have everyone be included that is just not the way Newsome students work. I wish that Newsome could be a place where everyone fit in and no one felt left out.
I have attended Hillsborough county public schools since i was in kindergarten. I have never had a major problem with any of the schools i have attended. I honestly enjoy the amount of help and preparation the teachers give me and my peers for college. It is such a pleasure being able to be apart of this school district and all it represents through academics, sports, and as well as the community environment. Through all of this positive feedback there are still some improvements that could be addressed to the system. Like the food for lunch is not that appetizing and could be changed. Overall i truly enjoy being a student in the Hillsborough county public school district and know i am being prepard everyday in the classroom for my success to going to college.
My overall experience in Hillsborough County Public Schools were amazing until i came to high school my perception changed fully. As their were many mistakes there, such as Teachers not teaching (Using Khan academy), Teachers who don't know their material.
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I love Hillsborough county because I believe it has the best school spirit and great staff. This county is safe because they provide us with safety rules and safety drills every once in a while. This is good because we never know when to expect something we must be prepared for. Hillsborough makes sure we are all safe and comfortable. Bullying is a big no in Hillsborough county; therefore, it makes our schools safer and students feel welcome as well. My county provides us also with programs on bullying and drug safety. Drugs is also a big no in our county there is consequences for this as well.
I would like to see parents more involved and also learn things for college readiness and the real world not just what we need to know to past.
I personally loved the opportunities presented to me through my school to help the Hillsborough County community. Without the clubs and programs implemented into the schools students would be limited in their resources and abilities to reach out to their neighbors and friends. But I firmly belive that Hillsborough Country schools do a well job in promoting not just academic success, but stewardship and service. Without the encouragement given to me by my school I would not have experienced or learned all the wonderful memories and skills I obtained while doing community service.
I liked the diversity and variety of opportunities. It was refreshing to know that I had so many options of extracurricular activities (especially in high school). I got very involved which helped shape me into a leader and professional. I went on to USF and was on the executive board of one of the biggest organizations on Campus. I now am a student physical therapist at NOVA southeastern university and am pursuing a doctoral degree.
Hillsborough County Public Schools are great. The learning have changed, the time we go to school has changed, every thing is good. I feel like the only thing that needs to be changed about public schools are prepare students for the outside world. There should be more activities and classes for college so students can get a head start and not leaving out of school not knowing what they want to be or have any knowledge of they are studying.
I liked that my school is very accepting of people . The band is just as popular as the football team and everyone has their own clique. I wish that education was more important than test scores. Sometimes all it feels like is that students are just a number.
The teachers are exemplary and the overall attitude of students is one of success . The teachers and staff members promote positive attitudes and strive to create a safe environment for all students. Students are motivated by each other and look for ways to improve themselves.
Attend school has been fun but it could help me better with my education and can help prepare me more for the real world and college
My experience with Hillsborough County Public schools is more than below average. In my opinion, is the most dumbest district there could have ever been. There are times in need where Hillsborough County is just not there for you. There are many factors in this case. School isn’t safe, no where is to be called or known to be safe. You don’t know what people go through when they come home from school or vice versa, thats why everyone should be nice to each other because kids take things very seriously. At my school, there used to be 1 deputy surrounding my school. After the florida shooting, Hillsborough county sent an email to every parent saying there will be or there should be “50 officers” at each school, to help protect our students which i quote, “they are our most important priority”. The day i go back to school, expecting great change, more security, hillsborough made a fast and great decision to provide one more deputy to the school so now we have two!
Overall, I found my time with HCPS to have been one to which I can truly appreciate. Foremost among the reasons why are the teachers and other staff making one's education possible. I found almost every single teacher to be interested in the success of their students, willing to work with them on a case-by-case basis and do everything in their power to make sure they succeed. Outside of the classroom, administration, guidance, and others were certainly great help in preparing for my education after high school. If I have a complaint, it is that certain bodies, like clubs, ought have more resources dedicated to them if feasible, as well as a greater push for discipline among students.
Currently I am a high school senior preparing myself for college. Although school is very tiring and can seem pointless at some points I know it is preparing me for my further education and life that is ahead. Thinking about college is very stressful, but thankfully this year I’m taking a personal finance class where we talk about a lot of things that are essential for our futures, financing for college and future occupations is two of them. Like any other school there are things here and there that we wish we could change but I’m blessed to say once I graduate I know I’ll have a good grasp of what’s to come ahead especially financial wise.
I have been through every kind of school that is county mandated: public, magnet, and even private and charter. No school that I have been to has met the standard of "exceptional" as they all claim. I was able to get through all of these schools not by learning anything but by cheating the system, by manipulating the school and education system in my favor. All I needed to survive and make it out with a gpa higher than 3.0 was deductive logic and reasoning skills. It did not prepare me adequately for college.
I would like to see more innovative teaching practices. Everything is focused on testing and school grades. I wish they were more focused on truly preparing us for college and beyond by providing students with more engaging, hands-on, real world based lessons.
I liked that Hillsborough County Schools are interactive learning environments with a variety of different course that fit each student. The school climate is welcoming and teachers truly care about their students and want to see them succeed. At every school, there are multiple clubs, sports, and volunteer opportunities that fit each student to encourage them to become involved in school activities.
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In each school that I've attended, the classes provided and the teachers supplementing them have been more than any student would need to succeed. I have had the greatest experiences going on field trips, experiencing different events in clubs and classes, and overall, just learning the things I'll need later in life to further pursue my education.
I like how persistent they are in the success of students and how they take initiative in times of emergency, what I would change it the school food
My experience at a hillsborough county public school has been an overall average experience. I feel as the education system, it does need to be more involved with the students themselves. Some teachers are very passionate about educating the youth which in turn is a great learning experience. The food needs some improvement, more healthier options should be included. The education environment should be more of a positive outlook, I did feel a little bored of what I was learning about. The safety of my experience was overall met. I felt safe & protected if anything where to happen. I feel that the schools should focus more on college readiness, & focus more on educating the youth of the important things about life after high school.
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