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Century high is a very unique diverse community filled with hundred of kids and teachers all with the same goal which is to succeed and graduate along with preparing us all to be young active and helpful humans in our own community’s
I wish they offered more classes but overall a very good district! Love being in the community and sharing laughs with the teachers. Very good academics, learned a lot. The counselors are very helpful at the high school
I went to Hillsboro all of my life besides the last two years of high school I went to their offered technical school. While I was at Laurel Oaks they offered little to no information about home events. I was never able to vote for homecoming or prom things, didn't get information about when the dances were, it was like I was never a student there. Not only that, it's very difficult to get ahold of the counselors or have them do anything for you.

They get 3 stars only because some of the teachers are the best I've had there, the history department is my favorite.
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The overall experience is good but the academics could be highly improved. The graduation rate is also low in comparison to other districts which is a major problem. Within the district it’s clear to see how schools are better off than the other.
Some decent teachers and employers, but all around the mindset of get in and get out. For most of the teachers, there isn't really a commitment to the helping the children understand the material and no attempt at bringing out their full potential.
I had some very inclusive and open-minded teachers. My favorite teachers wanted all their students to feel safe and be able to say what was on their minds. I'd like to see more awareness on contemporary issues such as gun control, LGBTQ+ and people of color. We once had an authentic lockdown which was so disorganized and frightening. That is something that needs to be addressed.
Something I like about the Hillsboro School District is the aspect of diversity and unity that is represented in all the celebrations, activities, and services that the district offers. For example, the coordinators of the district hosts an annual "Proud to be HSD" festival to showcase every student, staff member, and school district family's talents, efforts, and just celebrates each individual in the the Hillsboro School District in the best way.
I believe Hillsboro School District is an adequate and respectable district. There are many things they could change however, including arts funding, bettering their involvement with student-lead activities, and adding a wider variety of science-based classes to their options.
It was fun all 4 years, and I met some amazing people while also having amazing supporting sports events.
I am currently attending Liberty High School and I am impressed by the support and influence that the district has in our school community. They strive to support students and provide for them the best they can. My only complaint is that I'd like to see more "student influenced" changes around the school. Letting every student have a say is very important to me.
I feel like hillsboro school district has some of the most kind student and they take care of eachother and most teachers will take some time to help you find a way to succeed.
The Hillsboro School District doesn't have much crime and does have a wide variety of involvements available for everyone to get involved in which is beneficial for us students. The schools are also quite efficient at encouraging everyone to join clubs/groups/activities. However I feel as though the teachers could be more educated and organized to help students achieve success and the administrators are more often than not very unfriendly.
In general the HSD is a good district that is making sure to make better changes, and it tries to acknowledge students wishes. One thing it lacks on is on making changes to older schools, and making a bond from a school take a while to be used. The HSD needs to step up there game in budgeting.
My experience at hillsboro high school has lead me to take a leadership role. Since school was not challenging enough I joined a few IB classes and even those were more laid back that a regular class at any other high school. The teachers were a hit or miss, some were awesome and helpful while others were lazy and unmotivated. In my four years of attending hillsboro high school we have had three different principles. I would bulldoze this school and put up a new one n its place because it needs improvement in almost every category. Especially the facility quality, the building is falling apart.
my experience was pretty good. some teachers were nice and some were a little bossy. something I would like to change about the Hillsboro school district would probably be to change the foods that they give us. they should put in a salad bar.
I loved my time in the Hillsboro School District! I had such a fun time in middle school and high school with sports, choir, and other activities, as well as my awesome classes and teachers.
As a Hispanic student and son of a Hillsboro School District employee involved in one of several outreach programs I would like to see more programs that involve parents of Hispanic students in School activities and their children's academic progress.
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In my experience at the Hillsboro School District would say that while no institution is without fault, the kindness and generosity of the staff eliminate any dissatisfaction I may have. I have attended Hillsboro High School for each of my four years of high school and attended an internship with the Medical Careers Academy in Glencoe High School, so I have spent extended time in multiple institutions.
Teachers and faculty are helpful and encouraging. There are lots of opportunities for kids to get help where they need it and programs to ensure the success of students.
Hillsboro is very diverse and the school district has come a long way since I attended elementary school. Certain schools are definitely more funded than others unfortunately. But overall the school district provides decent education.
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