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Hillsboro R-III School District Reviews

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I really love the environment of the school, but I wish that their weren't favorites within athletics and academics just because of a students last name or because their mom or dad is a teacher.
The Hillsboro R-III School District is like one huge family. The teachers and staff in every building genuinely care about their students, and how they are personally doing. Diversity is a little bit limited at Hillsboro however, due to the school being located in a rural area in Missouri. That being said, if you want to grow up and be educated in a family centered environment, then Hillsboro is the perfect place for you to go to school. There is always an opportunity for everyone here, and someone is always readily available to help.
My experience at HHS was amazing. I am currently going into education for my career and I would love to be able to work at my old school district. The staff is 5 star!
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Going to school as a kid is never fun. You want to stay home and play video games or just sleep in. Going to Hillsboro has prepared me for the real world. We had classes to help us in the real world (like Personal Finance). I can say I am a better prone because of the faculty and staff of this school district. I will always represent the Hillsboro Hawks blue and white where ever I am.
I love this school. I am so happy to be an Alumni of Hillsboro High School. I was very ready for my college experience.
In the Hillsboro school district I believe that we have a lot of freedom compared to most schools. I would love for our district to change the food. It tastes disgusting.
This is the worst school ever! I can’t put all on here of why they’re the worst school but just one example is the way they protected a child molester all the through a lawsuit and protected him. This is not the only case. If you love your children DO NOT let them near Hillsboro schools.
I have been in the Hillsboro School District since Kindergarten. My Mom and Dad bought our home for the school district. Hillsboro has wonderful schools and the learning potential is at it's highest. If we see the potential, we can achieve the potential. The only thing I would like to change would be a more open learning classroom.
There was a select number of good teachers that actually knew what they were talking about. These teachers would help you understand the material and would give you opportunities to improve your grade, if you were putting effort into your school work. Other teachers seemed like they did not want you to succeed and would not help you if you did not understand the lesson. Hillsboro really needs to improve in the athletic department. The coaches pick favorites and those are the ones that would get the playing time. It was unfair to the amazing athletes that were shy or not stuck up the coaches a$$ that had to sit the bench because they were not one of the favorites. Hillsboro is a growing school which means there needs to be improvement to give these children a better learning environment as well as the ability to grow in athletics.
My expierence with this district so far has been alright. I came over here from new douglas mid elementry school, it was a big change for me comeing from a school with 4 teachers to a two story school. The previous teachers i have had have helped me through everything, My peers helped show me around and they still do the sports are okay I recently auditioned for color gaurd and have gotten in but i wish thye offered that sooner all in all hillsboro r-3 has been amazing and i will gladly finish highschool here.
They have some really nice staff members, but some just shouldn't be teachers. They changed curriculum and the way people progress through classes many times.
It kinda sucks but I think it could be better if they tried. The lunch is gross and moldy. It's usually burnt. They're homophobic bigots. They only let favorites get away with not following the dress code.
I have great teachers and amazing friends at Hillsboro. The guidence councilors are kind and easy to talk to. The principals are also kind and easy to talk to, but are very good at keeping the schools peaceful and safe. The superintendent pays regular visits to the schools and is involved in the extracurricular activities as well. The schools are always clean and in good repair. Overall, it's a great school district.
I liked that my school had a wide variety of classes that you can take. Most of the teachers are very nice and actually care about your learning. They take the time to make sure you understand what you are learning.
My experience at Hillsboro R-III School District was a mixed one. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy my high school experience. I was bullied quite a bit and found myself struggling to make it through. My parents and I informed several teachers and principals about the situation, but it was never resolved. The same happened to my brother as he attended this high school. Despite this, I did have some astonishing teachers throughout my years at Hillsboro. They are the ones who helped me get through all of the things that I was going through. Although they didn't have much power in terms of stopping bullying, they were extremely proactive in making sure I made it through high school in one piece and with a 4.0 GPA. Those shining lights are what makes Hillsboro a worthwhile school.
I love this school they have a very great academics program and all sorts of great things. The teachers are wonderful they treat you as there own and will help you with anything you are looking for or need.
I absolutely love my high school. The teachers actually care about you and want the best for you. They allow advanced students to be able to take college class to get ahead. Sports are good, and school spirit is good. I would never want to go to any other school. I will always be proud to be a Hawk.
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