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Hillsboro Independent School District Reviews

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Hillsboro High School is a very well put together school. They take their time to personally learn something about each and every student in order to help them successfully learn. Their number one goal is to have every student graduate with the best possibilities of them going to the college of their dreams. Although I may not have went here my whole life but as soon as I moved here they treated me just like everyone else!
Like that they are offered dual credit courses. Great teachers that are invested in the kids future. Safe atmosphere. The school district is diverse. Facility is well built and new (high school).
It was a average experience.I had really good science teachers and one good math teacher.The friends I met there were awesome,and I enjoyed playing golf.The downside is that not everyone got the same opportunities.I enjoyed my art teacher,who would always provide a way for us to be creative and would support us with extra supplies out of her own paycheck.Another downside is that the AC keeps breaking down so we are either hot,or freezing.I loved my physics teacher,she was amazing and such a strong woman,she would help us strive to be better and she provided such good advice,and was a comfort to me in rough times.The sports side is pretty good,cross country made it to regionals,basketball,volleyball,football,baseball,made it to playoffs.All though I feel like the favor some groups,because cross country does good but they don't provide us with new uniforms,we literally have like uniforms from the 1800s.
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The school expirience what amazing. I loved going to school there i loved the teachers the staff and most of all the food.
I like that the school is safe. Hillboro school's educate the students well to. Students are given enough time to turn in assignments as well. Over all the Hillsboro school points.
Very positive experience, Junior College has prepared me for University. I feel like I will be ready to move on from my Associates degree from Junior College. I feel prepared to complete my Bachelors degree from the University I will be transferring to in the Fall.
Hillsboro teachers seem to actually care about their students and their education which is great. However, the rules of each school are a little strict and overwhelming. Also, the school rules don't seem to apply to everyone; more "popular" kids get away with breaking the rules compared to an average student.
The schools are clean the food is terrible and the accommodations for learning disability are leaking a lot in many areas of all the schools.
Hillsboro Independent School District, HISD, creates a wonderful educational environment for children to learn in. From Pre-Kindergarten to Senior year Hillsboro teaches kids to value their education and does a great job in making sure that each and every student is receiving the same opportunities to receive their education.
There are many great things about going to a smaller school but there are many negative things as well. I feel like if I would've been in a larger school district the academics would have been better and more rigorous. You don't get the quality of teachers you need for AP classes with extremely smart students. I feel like this is very important to prepare the advanced students for college. The positive side of it all is the teacher/student ratio. I feel you get a lot more attention when you do need help.
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