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Hillsboro City School District Reviews

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I am registered in the Hillsboro school district, but I attend Laurel Oaks Career Campus. Since I moved they have kept little in contact with me about events, and don't often offer information about important. My grades improved since moving as well, seeing as they only do lessons based on achieving a high ACT score. The classes are pretty large and you dont get much attention, but most of the teachers do try to help.
Hillsboro City Schools is a great environment. We have some of the best teachers around, who are always willing to help. A problem that a lot of other schools have to face is the safety of their students and the bullying. Our school has a no bully policy.. it's rare to see someone getting bullied, and if that was the case, it would be taken care of immediately. We have two (2) safety officers at our school to walk the halls. They make sure everyone feels safe! I, personally, would not change a thing about Hillsboro City Schools. As I finish my last year here, I can say that I will definitely miss it!
I attended HCS for all of my schooling. I received very good grades and enjoyed my classes. I developed long lasting relationships with some of my teachers. My counselor was there for me my senior year when I was desperately trying to figure out what to do for college. All in all, Hillsboro is a great school.
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I had a great experience at Hillsboro High school. My education there led me to the University of Cincinnati which I currently attend. The schools facility is state of the art, having just been built a handful of years ago and all the classrooms have smart boards. Overall the Hillsboro High school has the infrastructure to ready someone for the next stage of their life and I would recommend others to attend this school.
Teachers are amazing and very sincere and caring. It is a very safe school with amazing administration.
I liked Hillsboro City Schools because they kept the classroom sizes smaller. There were no more than 25 students in your class. There were 7 periods in the day. What I liked the most were how friendly and helpful the teachers were. The school had a class that you could take if you were in sports. It took care of your gym period that you would have to do. That was always nice because I did not like to get all nasty in gym and then go back to a class of my friends all nasty and smelly. I played softball and soccer and loved my coaches and the girls that I played with.
I went to school in Hillsboro for most of my life and I have a son in kindergarten I liked some things about the school, but I disagree on the teachers take of helping students achieve a higher learning capability.
Hillsboro High School heavily revolved around athletics. The academics were okay, but it was a very controlled environment. The amount of freedom the students had decreased with each year. Most of the teachers cared a lot about making the environment a good place to learn, but some cared more about sports. I'm not going to say Hillsboro was a terrible place to go to school, but I will say that the focus was not on the students as it should have been.
During my time in the Hillsboro City School District, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Many of the students I have come to know are not only kind, but intelligent as well.
My experience as a student as Hillsboro High, has been a great one. The school has grown up a lot as I did going through high school and is going to be extremely great in the near future. Teachers help out their students until they understand, all of us. A cop is on duty at our school, not for a specific reason, just for safety incase something happens and I really like that as well, it gives you a sense of security away from home. The sports aspect of Hillsboro is increasing yearly, as we just built a track, and a new workout facility, which I feel will increase the athletics of Hillsboro greatly in the near future. I wouldn't really change anything about Hillsboro as they try their best to listen to their students every year so really its constantly changing.
The teachers at Hillsboro are great! They care about your success and your future, and help you in many ways. The administration and counselors are very helpful and everyone is friendly. I always felt safe at Hillsboro, and I knew we had and still have one of the best facilities in the district. I wish the food was better, but otherwise I have no complaints.
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