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I have had a pretty good experience but there are some teachers that made my year worse. I love the opportunity that they give the students like taking courses at the Innovative Learning Center (ILC) but they don't do much to take charge in certain situations.
All the teachers are very involved in their students lives and make an effort to make a difference in every student's high school career and future.
I love the diversity of the school, and the open-arm culture as well. For the most part, everyone seems to get along and the faculty do their best to make everyone feel welcome. The experience overall is a smooth one, and if you hit a few bumps, the teachers and staff members will help you over them.
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Hilliard city schools had so many ways to get involved such as clubs, sports and music. Although I don’t knkw how will they prepared me for college I believe they have good academics.
Hilliard city schools is a very nice district. They show though programs and academics that they truly care for students and their success.
Awesome schools, classes, and teachers. However the attitudes of other students & parents ruin the overall experience.
Some teachers are very good and others are terrible. Most students are nice, but I have overseen some bullying that could be prevented if more administrators were present. The iPads were are required to use are inconsistent and mostly everybody hates them. But overall I feel ready for college due to Hilliard City Schools.
Overall Hilliard City Schools is a great school district. The reason I chose 4 stars instead of 5 is that I don't agree with how they spend money from the community. Hilliard put up a Levee threatening to get rid of after school sports and busing if not passed. With that money they then proceeded to purchase IPads for certain students. Other than disagreements on how they spend my (Raised now that the levee passed) taxes, Hilliard was a great school district. Thank you for your consideration!
Very safe and college-based. This district ensures that all of their students are “Ready for Tomorrow”. Also the schools are the best in Central Ohio in terms of sports.
I liked Hilliard City Schools because you get to meet so many different people and with those people come connections. This district helped me to grow as an athlete, a student, and most important a person.
Hilliard city schools really prepare you for college. The academics are great, with a lot of different teaching styles and one-on-one options as well. They are known for their great sports records and having a very diverse crowd.
I think the Hilliard City School District is a very nice district. All the teachers and staff look out for every student and want them all to be successful. Administration could be improved when it comes to management of the school and disciplinary actions. The schools themselves are very nice, well build, and clean. The diversity in Hilliard is unbelievable. We have so many different clubs and activities for people to get involved in and to make friends. I feel safe at school, which is very important these days. We are very good in sports because we have good coaches and nice equipment. Our PTO is very strong and they do everything to help the students. The Hilliard district is overall very strong and very driven to have their students be successful. “Ready for Tomorrow”
My favorite thing about the Hilliard City School District was how inclusive it was throughout my entire student career. There has always been an activity or a club or a class for any and every student, and if there wasn't one, our teachers encouraged us to create one. We have also had the privilege of being in organizations that have helped to better our community and younger students tremendously, something that a lot of other districts lack.
They are very creative of how they teach you!! They give you opportunities to let you find out what career you may want to choose. All the teachers love their jobs and come ready to teach!! They teach with pride and passion!!
I am a senior at Darby and I am very involved and love being there! The teachers are very personable and willing to adapt to how you learn!
I think the Hilliard School District should add and support more opportunities for everyone. There should be a better outreach to the students. I also think the administration should treat everyone equally and fair.
Individualized attention, teachers care about student's success. Hilliard City Schools teach kindness and compassion starting in kindergarten. Kids are supportive of one another and respectful of differences. I would like to see locally grown food in cafeterias and the waste that is generated by disposable plates, cutlery, etc. Is awful.
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For my Junior and Senior year I attended Tolles Pre Vet Program, with Darby as my home school. The experience so far ha been amazing with hands on learning and preparing me for college.
A lot of the teachers are very nice and friendly, and on top of that they're excellent at what they do. I've gotten good grades on state and national tests because of what I've learned here.
Hilliard City Schools are very good at preparing students at a young age for their post high school plans. They offer many different classes, in a variety of settings and with excellent instructors and teachers. Their guidance department helps students and parents alike with answers to any and all questions about the next steps after high school.
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