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Hilldale Public Schools Reviews

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Graduating from the school that I started out with is very humbling and I can honestly say Hilldale has shaped me into the young adult I am today. I'm very honored to be a Hilldale Hornet!!
The school over all has been a decent experience. Although as years have gone on there are some programs that are simply under funded or ignored while they should have more than what is given. Lunch food is mediocre and the classes are taught pretty well for the most part except for classes that are run by coaches.
All of our funding goes into football, our books are outdated and the facility is outdated. Teachers are unmotivated because they don't get payed enough money. We do have do nice teachers who outshine the others. Our administration is having a power struggle and we don't get the things that we need for a proper education, like new books.
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Hilldale is a fairly average school. Their academics are not up to par, and they push local trades instead of out-of-the norm careers. They are very sports heavy so they will succeed there. In terms of arts studies, they lack.
I love how everyone is like a family here. The band, football team, and cheerleaders are very supportive to each other.
It is a small school, everyone knows pretty much everyone and everything. It can be a good or bad thing. I enjoyed attending the small school.
Great school district, administration has the district heading in the right direction with recent bonds passing that included the upgrading the elementary school. School district is nice to live in, teachers/admin are invested in the community and appear to be on the same page along with focus on the children, and sports facilities are nice and overall well in all sports.
It was a fun environment and full of great people. The really being out the best in you. The teachers helped you no matter the occasion and the always took care of their students. Also there is a lot of activities to do such as sports, clubs, and after school activities. The principals always help with where to find your classes and where to go.
I have attended hilldale for all 12 years of my school experience. Hilldale is located in muskogee oklahoma. The town is a safe town that can shape good future leaders.
I have attended hilldale for 10 years. The teachers are very close with the student and care for their well being. Their is issues with bullying in the middle school but none more than that is typically expected out of the youth.
I've gone to Hilldale my entire life and I've loved every minute of it. There is always some downs about school but I've always been happy at Hilldale. Hilldale has always had nice people and they will do anything to help you. I've never had any problems at HIlldale. I will definitely miss it.
I love my school! There is many clubs and activities to do around school. All the students have a very close relationship and everyone knows everyone.
Its a small school with good school spirit. Teachers are concerned with each individual student. Foods bad no gonna lie. Plenty of sports to choose from. The school is good on getting you prepared for college. plenty of clubs. Theres not like an overwhelming amount of electives to choose from but there is still enough. small and safe community.
I loved the teachers and the students at Hilldale. The overall experience and the atmosphere is great!
My experience at Hilldale Public Schools was a good one. The only Problem I have is they need to update their schools and books.
I would like for the people at the school to be more open to others. I see everyday that only a handful of people get the attention that everyone should get. I would like to see this change because I think it is very important to be equal to everyone in the school not just the sports players.
Very good school. They have an amazing sports system. Their food could use some fixing though. It's absolutely horrible to be completely honest.
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I've been going to hilldale for almost 8 years now and i have mixed reviews. I've has some wonderful teachers and staff, but there are few that i feel didn't do a good enough job. It seems that most time i had to deal with my principal he never wanted to hear my side of the story. He always just gave me a detention and said go. Even if i had a perfectly good reason.
I like the teachers in this district and I believe they are very helpful with getting you prepared for college. I would however have to say that I believe we could have better counselors.
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